Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The economy strikes close to home

It is with a very heart I publicly announce that my beloved LYS, home away from home, and so much more, will be closing at the end of the month. The economy strikes again, this time on a very personal level. During the four years Bonita Knitting, then more recently Bonita Knit & Sew has been in business, I went from frequent customer to instructor and part time employee. I have spent at least two days a week there, communing with the fibers and making some really good friends. As we improved our knitting and crochet skills, we bonded while our projects emerged, accomplishing more than we ever thought we could. I’m going to miss it terribly and am going to try very hard to maintain those friendships as we scramble to find a convenient place to knit. We are brainstorming possible substitutes, but we all know it could never measure up to ‘the shop.’ I regret good will and camaraderie could not overcome the realities of a harsh ecomony. I loved the place and mourn its passing while remembering the wonderful time it existed as a beacon to my creative soul.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I resolve...

We’re getting ready for Christmas, part two. Erika and Nathan were in Ohio last week, so we get to celebrate Christmas all over again. They and Heather will be here at 11.

Like many, I’ve been taking stock and making plans for the new year. My very trite resolution is to get back to eating well and exercising regularly. The gym and the trainers have already been paid, now to get back into my routines. This dizzy headache, coupled with feeling sorry for myself have wreaked havoc with all my good work of the past few months. The headache’s mostly gone, but I still have equilibrium issues. I’m scheduled for an MRI on the 13th. On Monday, I’m supposed to receive some portable heart rate monitor as part of being evaluated by a cardiologist. I’ve had two EKGs and a head CT scan in the past two weeks and the medical people are trying to figure out if the heart palpitations I’ve experienced are a result of being crazy dizzy or if they are somehow causing it. So far all tests are negative, so I’m not worried – much.

There I go, feeling sorry for myself again... On a geeky exciting note, I ordered a new desktop computer last week and it should arrive Monday or Tuesday. 6 GB of RAM and 640 GB of memory and a front portal where my 1 TB drive just slides in. I face the somewhat daunting but mostly tedious task of getting all the stuff from the old unit into the new, then learning how Windows 7 differs from XP and Vista. I did spend Christmas day backing up all my content onto the external drive I got as a gift, so I’m hopeful I can just plug that in and copy everything over. I’ll have my laptop to do my computing until the new unit is up and running to my satisfaction.

Another item of breaking news is that I’ve given in and starting texting. I spend so much time online, I figured if you want something, email me. If you really want something CALL. My cell phone plan has more minutes per month than Bob and I could use in 6 months, but it’s the minimum for the family plan. So calling is a great option. However, the texters in my life don’t communicate that way. They believe texting is less intrusive. I don’t know, constant bleeping of the phone with little notes that often require you stopping whatever you’re doing to tap out a reply is a lot more of a hassle than just answering a phone. But I like these people and am willing to communicate in every way to hear from them. So I am now a texter. I started out with a 250 messages per month and I’ll see if I need to go unlimited. I can get a phone upgrade in March, so if I do expand my tapping, then I definitely want a phone with a QWERTY keyboard.

On the knitting front, I’ve logged in 60 completed items. That’s less than the 90+ of last year, but I also completed larger more intricate items included 4 long sleeved adult sweaters, 4 short sleeved adult sweaters, 10 baby/child sweaters and 5 shawls. Amazingly, there was only 1 pair of socks. I completed 19 pairs in 2008. This last pair was my 98th overall, so I resolve to get past 100 in 2010. I need to get a firm grip on my WIPs. I get overwhelmed when they creep up into the double digits. I resolve to finish things before giving in to the enticement of a new project. The goal is to have no more than 6 going with 3 being ideal. I can also say that with making exercise a regular part of my life, I’ve been knitting less. Even with backsliding, I started 2010 about 35 lbs lighter than last year, so that counts for a lot.

My knitting life will be changing drastically in 2010 as my LYS is going away, a victim of the economy. Over the 4 years it’s been around, I went from frequent customer, to sometimes instructor, to part time employee. In a way, I was spending more time there than I really wanted to, but I loved it so. Now I will be regaining that time which will be channeled back into my family and craft hobbies. I resolve to get back into sewing and am starting that venture by teaching Heather to sew. Our 1st session is scheduled for the 10th after I acquire her new sewing machine. I also resolve to maintain the wonderful friendships made at the LYS and need to figure out a place where we can regularly get together.