Saturday, January 31, 2009

My left foot

I had never heard of a Morton's Neuroma. Luckily, my trainer knew all about it. My left foot has been getting numb at the ball of the foot for years after about 15 minutes of walking. No pain, just numbness. I'd mention it at my physicals and every doctor would look puzzled and go, "Hmmm." Last week I was doing a bunch of regular stuff wearing my sneakers, then went for my walk. Ow. It was annoying from the start and actually hurt by the time I was done. But I'm tough and do all 3+ miles. The darned foot did not stop hurting when I took the shoe off and still was tender the next day.

Trainer tells me what it is in flash. (A clump of nerves that have congregated in one spot between my toes. It gets larger over time and is made worse by shoes that don't let the toes have room to wiggle. Who knew?) She says to go to the doctor, get a cortisone shot, and it will be all better. I would have let it go, since a NEEDLE IN MY FOOT sounds extreme. But I'm doing this Get Fit thing on TV and figure that if the gym says doctor, I better high tail it to one.

As a Navy retiree, I go to a Tricare clinic for routine stuff, then get referred to Balboa Medical Center for speciality stuff. The process could take weeks, especially if Balboa does not have an opening and I get sent to a civilian doctor. I was quite happy to have the doctor recognize and agree with the diagnosis and have the cortisone handy. The shot didn't hardly hurt either. No fuss, no muss. He says if it's not better in a few weeks, come back for another shot. You can see the slight bruise between the 2nd and 3rd toes where the needle went in.

The foot's a bit sore, but was significantly better almost immediately. I went to my regular training session on Friday, did some treadmill with no trouble. She took it a bit easy on me, concentrating on upper body stuff. I'm working at the yarn store today, so can't get my usual walk in, but I'll be out there tomorrow, practically as good as new.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My 1st TV appearance

It's kind of weird watching yourself on TV. I know I see myself in the mirror everyday and hear what I sound like when I'm talking to others, but watching yourself in action is strange.

First impression was that I looked old. I may be 57, but inside, I still feel 20. It's always a shock to note the gray hair and saggy skin. Then, of course, is the fact that I'm big. It is afterall why I won this contest to lose weight, but still... No amount of baggy shirt is going to hide the fact I look like a fireplug, especially when TV land has been informed I weighed in at 210. Sigh....

On the positive side, I was articulate enough to answer the impromtu questions without drawing a blank and sounded like I was confident and optimistic. Mostly I was happy I didn't say something stupid or inappropriate. Another good thing is I didn't sound heavily accented. I grew up in New York City, but have lived all over the states. It seems as if no one region stood out and I sounded neutral.

We had to arrive at the gym before 6 am and were on for 4 live segments that lasted about 5 minutes each plus several promo shots in between. I didn't leave until past 9 am. For the 7:45 segment, I had already been on the treadmill for 20 minutes when Ruben came over to chat with me. I'm so glad I was not huffing and puffing. While waiting our turn to be on live, I only got to knit a few rounds on a pair of socks I'm working on, mostly because my hands were sweaty and the yarn would not easily glide through my fingers.

Katie and Tracy are the other 2 lucky viewers who are on this journey with me and the folks from the TV 6 station. Both are way younger than I am, with Katie on the left being younger than my youngest child. In this last photo you also see Colleen, my trainer next to Katie. She is just fantastic. She's urging me to do things and keeping me accountable, but not in any sort of bullying way. She never tries to hurt me. After 3 sessions I am sore, but it's not so bad, just a bit achy. I know when I've started to exercise on my own after a long hiatus, I'd be dead the next day. I'm happy to report that has not happened.
Now, if I could only lose weight. After 1 week, I am at the same exact point I was last week. But considering I ate out at 3 wonderful restaurants, I was relieved it was not worse.
The next TV shoot will be in about 3 weeks. I hope some results are visible by then.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sore, but optimistic

I am a bit sore, but not too bad. My sessions with the trainer are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On other days I do cardio on my own and some routines at home. I have had 2 sessions so far. Friday was a great get to know each other session with her assessing my limited abilities through some stretching and balance routines. I never thought about how hard it is to stand on one foot.

Yesterday was more sweaty with resistance training on the various machines interdespersed with different heart pumping things. 10 reps with light weights, then 20 jumping jacks, a short lap around the gym, then repeat. Each machine was paired with a different in between up tempo routine. All of those which I could do on my own at home with no equipment.

A trainer is a wonderful thing. She does all the stuff with the machines and keeps track of what I can do. She's with me for every minute of the session, making sure my posture and such are correct for the exercise. If I'm struggling, she immediately stops me and switches to something I can handle. I get to the gym before our session to do 15 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up then an hour with her. I can honestly say it was not bad at all.

As training aids, she suggested I get a heart rate monitor and a foam roll. Using the latter really helps with the sore muscles. I also have to write down everything I eat and drink in a log. I've got to do this for 2 weeks, then meet with the nutritionist. Just writing it down makes me conscious of what goes into my mouth. This is a 3 dinner dates at restaurants week and I am trying to moderate what I select, but I'm not going crazy and cutting everything out since I would never be able to stick to that in the long run. I figure going from exercising maybe once a week to at least 6 times a week is going to do wonders for my overall health with a side benefit of dropping some weight.

The first segment on TV will be this Friday, 23 Jan during the channel 6 morning show from 6 am to 9 am. I've got to be there before 6 am, allegedly bright eyed and bushy tailed. I've already met 2 of the news anchors, Marc Bailey and Lynda Martin. They are also participating in the Get Fit program and have their sessions right after mine.

Monday, January 12, 2009

OMG!!! I'm going to be infamous.

I just learned I won a local TV contest:

Get Your Body Fit with Ruben!

Hey San Diego! Are you tired of making the same New Year’s resolution of losing that excess weight only to lose interest? Make this year different and Get Your Body Fit with Ruben!

San Diego 6 has partnered with Little Italy’s finest fitness experts, BodyFit, to help THREE lucky viewers get into shape with our own Ruben Galvan at no charge!

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Traci Doddy, Katie Hilen, Tania Marshall

I'm excited and a bit scared. My 'before' photo will be shown on TV tomorrow morning. For the next few months, I get a personal trainer, nutritional counseling and a personalized workout/diet plan. Can you believe it?

Happy 2009

Between Ravelry, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, it's easy to overlook this original blog. My life is just not that interesting to warrant all the documentation, so I lag.

My knitting life is on Ravelry where I have my projects, stash, library and such up to date. That in itself is a remarkable achievement. I belong to 31 groups, have 61 friends, 142 projects, 196 books and 206 stashed yarns. In 2008, I completed 91 knitting or crochet projects. Of those, there were 19 pairs of adult socks. I also stopped lying to myself.. I don't just hang out at the yarn shop a lot, I work there. Very part time, maybe 10 to 12 hours a month, but it's enough to pay for my ever increasing yarn habit.

I have 4643 pix up on Flickr and most are public albums. Right around Thanksgiving, my photos of Rota, Spain taken from 1978 to 1980 came to the attention of some locals. By request, I went through our old slides and uploaded some more, but still have a bunch to go. The experience sure brought home how much more connected we can be via the internet.

Thanksgiving itself was weird. Not bad. Just strange. Our youngest moved out at the beginning of the month and as a vegan was planning a special meal with her boyfriend at his parents' home. She'd stop by for drinks after dinner. Now, tell me THAT'S not strange, meeting your baby for drinks..... Our oldest was at the in-laws in Ohio. So Bob and I decided to go to a restaurant for our meal. It was a wonderful buffet, but we had no leftovers and yummy smells that so make it Thanksgiving in our mind. Never again. We started out as a dynamic duo and make up our own family unit, so it's home from now on.

Because of that and having the kids for Christmas, we went all out. What's the point of having linen, china, crystal and all that stuff if you don't break it out for your favorite people? There were all kinds of presents, along with this special one. Erika got a gazillion buttons and painstakingly made this wreath. So much better than the felted poinsettia one I started and abandoned. I just feel the love with every button she placed, painted and glued down for me. Bob also got me this, a date to see Bette Midler in Vegas some time in 2009. I had made him pinky swear not to go overboard with our gifts since we've been splurging on ourselves quite a bit, but the man is a fool for Christmas.

Speaking of our favorite place, we went to Vegas in December. We like to go during the Rodeo because of all the good music, free concerts and really polite cowboys. We stayed downtown which was the launching point for the Santa Run. We didn't participate, but caught up with these guys on our way out of town.

Other 2008 highlights include the remarkable success of my Fan Neckwarmer pattern. So far, it has been marked a favorite on Ravelry by 458 people worldwide. I've been playing around with other designs and have written them down, but haven't put any more out there. I made myself a sweater from scratch which I love, but am intimated by the thought of trying to figure out the sizing for any body other than mine.

Our nest is empty. When DD2 left us, she ended up making the place more empty by taking a couch that I obviously liked in the showroom but didn't once I got it in the family room. A few weeks later, she got the old TV. Just the excuse we needed to spruce up the place in 2009. Buying stuff is way easier and more fun than what really needs to happen, like totally painting and recarpeting/flooring the entire house. Did I mention we have floor to ceiling and built in bookcases in every single room except the bathrooms? The new TV is our first flat screen with HD. Note, it's in my knitting room, the smallest room in the house. 40" with a couch about 6 feet away is like being in a theater. I made Bob pick out the replacement couch and he did good. It's quite classy for the garage converted family room, but it's yummy leather with a smell to die for.
Yep, we are living the good life. Hope your 2009 goes well.