Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On Day 10, the headache's much better, but still there. Only dizzy when I got out of bed, but things settled down. Thinking of getting my nails done later. Pampering is always good, as is knitting and listening to podcasts. Have discovered David Reidy's podcast, Sticks and String. Interesting perspective from an Australian male knitter. I'm working my way from the beginning, so I'm 3 years behind!
I finished Nathan's socks last night. Was a bit dismayed to note the 2nd one is somewhat larger than the 1st. I never had issues with different tensions, but I guess the 11 months from start to finish was a bit much. Will throw in the washer and dryer before gifting and all should go well. I'm down to 6 knitting projects in progress, plus the 2 crocheted afghans. Not that bad since one of the WIPs is a sweater I have only cast on for. That really makes it #1 in the Queue rather than 'in progress'. I'm currently doing the Victorian shoulderette by Sivia Harding in black Cria Creek Alpaca. I've made this lovely thing 3 times already. After the black one, there's the one in oranges from Schaefer Heather. My ambitious plans are to have both done before the New Year.

I've had the best surprise this morning and am overwhelmed. Susan called on the way into the shop to warn me she was coming by to drop off my Christmas present. I got to open it right away and as usual, she was amazingly generous. I love the mug with the continental knitting reference. The red Namaste bag is literally a BIG present. I had admired it in the shop and although I have many knitting bags, I lusted for it. I showed restraint by not buying it for myself, figuring I'd get it after Christmas if it was not sold. Someone did buy it last week and there was a moment of silence as Susan and Monica and I sighed, knowing it was a sign we were not meant to own the lovely thing. Little did I know Susan ordered me another one as soon as it went out the door. I'll always think of her when I use it.

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Knitman said...

I hope you are feeling better now. Congratulations on the weight loss. Not an easy task.