Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's not snowing

As Facebook friends from the East coast post their snowy status along with pix to illustrate the magnitude of the snow, I too took a photo out my window. The most I could muster up weather wise was a bit of overcast with the 3 pm temperature outside my window a balmy 68 degrees. We do, however, have the Christmas spirit and have made the inside look all cozy with a more wintry look. This old house does not heat well, so we've got out our sweaters and snuggly clothes for when the night temps plummet into the low 50s, high 40s.

I'm trying to enjoy this week of peace and quiet now that all the shopping and 99% of the wrapping is done. It's time to listen to carols and await Christmas. But I've had a headache since last Tuesday, accompanied with vertigo. I've tried to gut it out and felt almost better on Friday, only to wake up Saturday both dizzy and headachy with more of the same today. I gave up gutting it out and have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I smacked my head pretty good on Monday and I'm wondering if it's a slight concussion. Anyhow, I haven't worked out since Monday and feel yukky about it. I have done quite a bit of knitting, finishing Erika's brown sweater, which for some reason I disliked making and am overall unhappy with the results. She took it away making all the appropriate happy noises, and I'm pleased to be done with it.

I have also been working on some plain socks for my son in law. Started them in JANUARY and had only turned the heel on the 1st one. I'm now on the 2nd sock and will turn the heel tomorrow. But this evening, I'm going to finish this pink blanket I started in October of 2008, only to run out of gas when it was 90% done. If you catch my drift, I'm determined to whittle down my works in progress to a more manageable level and vow not to start any new projects until I'm down to only 5 or 6. Ideally that should be 1 or 2, but I know me, and that just won't happen. I'm determined about the socks since they will be the ONLY PAIR I'll have made in 2009. Can you imagine? I'm usually good for 18 to 20 pairs a year. I'll have to do a year end review of what I have knit, since I know I've completed over 50 projects.

My exciting life also included some laundry today and I knit and listened to some podcasts while the dryer was going. I'm going to cook in a bit - a rare occurrence for me - so I'll leave you with a photo of the now clean socks we wore this week. I wash them inside out in a lingerie bag and run them through the dryer for a bit to fluff them up, but hang them up to finish drying. The brown pair on the right looked like it wanted to shrink, so they're on the stretchers.

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