Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great Christmas Day

We three had a wonderful holiday together. Of course we missed Erika and her husband Nathan who were spending time with his family in Ohio, but we get them back soon and will celebrate Christmas all over again next weekend.

It's no big secret. Bob's a fool for Christmas. He plans and plots and even ventures into malls. Our family does Wish Lists. We do not consider it crass or commercial. It's more of a, "If you're going to get me a present, but don't know what I'd like, here are a few suggestions." We were always careful to includes things the kids could afford from their own money when they were growing up and still include 'gift certificates' of time. Bob always liked to get coupons for car washes and I love the girls' day with the daughters. Last year one of those days was going over to Heather's apartment and watching a DVD together. We sat on the hand me down couch we gave her and watched it on my old TV, and it was WONDERFUL.

Heather came over Christmas Eve to cook her portion of the dinner. We traditionally have a ham on Christmas Eve, but with her being a vegan, other menu items must be included. Luckily, she takes after her father and loves to cook. She made an excellent corn chowder, had a baked potato with all the fixings and I made green beans and fried bananas. We were skeptical about her vegan version of Bob's cream cheese cookies, but they were really good.

She also surprised us by deciding to spend the night. For once, I was the last one up Christmas morning. Bob, the Christmas fool, was up at 5:30 am, but I stayed in bed until 7, then showered and put some make up on for all the photos I knew he'd be taking. We usually had our coffee and read the paper before the kids woke up and more recently, before they came over, but not this year.

The presents and company were fun and well appreciated. We chatted on the phone with relatives all over the country, visiting the best way we could given the vast distances involved. To top it off, when the San Diego Chargers played at 4:30 pm, they completely dominated the game, beating the Tennessee Titans 42 - 17. Oh, Happy Day.

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