Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another FO

So, yesterday, it was off to the Dr. at the Tricare clinic to see if anything could be done about the headache and dizziness I have had for the past EIGHT days. I was feeling so smug because I anticipated if any head tests were required, I'd have to go downtown to Balboa Naval Hospital. Having been referred to that massive complex in the past, once even getting to spend the night, I loaded up my knitting bag with 2 smallish projects, a Wonderful Wallaby AND the SIL socks. I threw in a pair of DH's socks that could use some darning, and my Kindle, AND my Palm which I only use for the games, AND my MP3 player AND the charging cords for each including the one for my phone. Hey, I was a Girl Scout leader and know about being prepared. I even threw in an apple because the last time they didn't feed me for almost 24 hours.

Sure enough, the clinic doctor writes me a referral - after chastising me for not coming in sooner, scaring me with images of brain bleeds and even referring to Natasha Richardson who DIED shortly after smacking her head - and I'm off to the Emergency Room. I get checked in and into a bed surrounded by fabric curtains. I had to tell the story several times about how I conked my head last week, just to make sure someone at home was not smacking me around. I understand why they have to do this, so I don't get mad or laugh at them because if you knew my Bob, DH of over 30 years, you'd know he was the sweetest most even tempered man you'd ever meet.

The MP3 player comes in real handy to drown out the chatter among hospital staff, mostly about their Christmas plans, and the incredibly whiney kid in the next bed over. He has a stomach ache. His mother is convinced it's appendicitis and his father thinks she's over reacting (which ends up being the case). I just want to shout, "I have a headache! Shut the #@$% up!", but I'm staying calm by listening to my tunes knitting away. After the head CT scan, I settle in to wait for the results in my fabric room with the narrow bed, when Grace, my nurse, comes in to hook me up to an IV. That looks very hospital -y and since I'm already wearing a hospital gown because they apparently need to do an EKG on everyone who comes in the door, things are looking serious. Oh, not to worry, the ER Dr. just wants to make sure I'm hydrated. Oh, really... how about a glass of water? But they have their way of doing things, so I get hooked up. I did manage to select the spot where the needle went in. I did so based on what would interfere the least with my knitting.

So, I get my bag of goodies and by the time I'm done, the test results are back and there's no evidence of anything bad going on. I probably did have a slight concussion, but since a week had passed, nothing was evident. They let me go with a couple of scripts. The entire ordeal took 4 hours. Actually not that bad and I just about finished the Wallaby.

Later that evening, I took care of my headache the old fashioned way as Bob and I headed downtown to the Rock Bottom Brewery where we HYDRATE in a much more delightful fashion. We went to catch the Battle of the Bands between Cal and Utah, the participants in this year's Poinsettia Bowl. I figure I have a headache anyway, so some drums couldn't make it any worse. It was quite a scene and we had fun. Home by 7:30 where I put my feet up, bound off my Wallaby and tucked in the ends. I still have the dizzy headache, but now I have drugs....


martha - caknitter said...

Good to know you're feeling better.
I came across your blog a while back, I just don't remember how anymore, but I check in once in a while to see what's new.
I love the colorful sweater and the pink blankie on the previous post.
keep on knittin'.

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