Monday, June 29, 2009


Let's face it. I stink at blogging. Too much of a commitment. I'm addicted to the short bursts of Facebook. Tried Twitter, but don't care for it much. Facebook is easier to maneuver and fun to catch up with all kinds of folks from old classmates to my children.

I'm way behind on updating Ravelry as well, but it's definitely on my to do list.

Now that I'm exercising almost every day, it seems as if I don't have much time, yet I do spent hours at a stretch online. Witness the posting of 1000+ pix to Flickr when we got back from Yellowstone and Vegas a couple of weeks ago. I still knit quite a bit, but not nearly as much as I used to.

What's been happening?

I'm happy to report I'm down 35 lbs since the beginning of the year when I won a personal trainer 3x a week for 3 months. I kept the trainer, because she's great, but my budget only allows me that luxury 1x a week. Then I'm on my own. The weight loss has slowed down, but is still ongoing. I need to lose at least another 20. I was quite pleased to have enough stamina to enjoy my vacation, walking to and fro, climbing stairs and all manner of things one does when in a National Park. I was also happy to have actually lost a pound while on vacation. I may be getting the hang of this portion control thing. I sure hope so, because it's been quite hard to lose the weight this time. If I regain it in a few years, then it's probably going to stay on. It's hard enough at 57. I can't imagine starting over in my 60's. That said, I feel great and even look forward to exercising.

Celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss. Go Bob and Tania!

Got a new camera (note reference to 1000+ pix). Though still a point and shoot, it's a Big Girl camera with a 20X optical zoom and some manual options. Now I look just a savvy as Bob with his SLR.

Still teaching at the yarn store and enjoying the success of my Fan Neckwarmer pattern. It's still selling and we've passed 250 copies sold. Amazing.

Don't look for regular updates here. Slide on over to Facebook, where I'm taniasews. There's pix and links there.


TAMI said...

Since this my first time at your blog, it doesn't seem like it's been forever since your last update ... but I see - by looking at the dates - that it's been 5 months. But, you've been doing some IMPORTANT stuff in the mean time!! Personal trainer. 35 pounds! That's fantastic!!

I've met you a couple of times down at the knitting shop ... and we're friends on ravelry ... just in case you're thinking "Who is this woman!"

Tania said...

Thanks! I'm stuck at -37. True, a great accomplishment, but I've been about the same for 2 months now. At last weigh in, I did lose some inches, but no lbs.