Saturday, January 31, 2009

My left foot

I had never heard of a Morton's Neuroma. Luckily, my trainer knew all about it. My left foot has been getting numb at the ball of the foot for years after about 15 minutes of walking. No pain, just numbness. I'd mention it at my physicals and every doctor would look puzzled and go, "Hmmm." Last week I was doing a bunch of regular stuff wearing my sneakers, then went for my walk. Ow. It was annoying from the start and actually hurt by the time I was done. But I'm tough and do all 3+ miles. The darned foot did not stop hurting when I took the shoe off and still was tender the next day.

Trainer tells me what it is in flash. (A clump of nerves that have congregated in one spot between my toes. It gets larger over time and is made worse by shoes that don't let the toes have room to wiggle. Who knew?) She says to go to the doctor, get a cortisone shot, and it will be all better. I would have let it go, since a NEEDLE IN MY FOOT sounds extreme. But I'm doing this Get Fit thing on TV and figure that if the gym says doctor, I better high tail it to one.

As a Navy retiree, I go to a Tricare clinic for routine stuff, then get referred to Balboa Medical Center for speciality stuff. The process could take weeks, especially if Balboa does not have an opening and I get sent to a civilian doctor. I was quite happy to have the doctor recognize and agree with the diagnosis and have the cortisone handy. The shot didn't hardly hurt either. No fuss, no muss. He says if it's not better in a few weeks, come back for another shot. You can see the slight bruise between the 2nd and 3rd toes where the needle went in.

The foot's a bit sore, but was significantly better almost immediately. I went to my regular training session on Friday, did some treadmill with no trouble. She took it a bit easy on me, concentrating on upper body stuff. I'm working at the yarn store today, so can't get my usual walk in, but I'll be out there tomorrow, practically as good as new.


pattyanne said...

I had that!! (Guess I still do since it was never removed.) Here's what I did... I had the cortizone shots for a few years..had good luck with them but then they started lasting not so long. My doctor didn't want to do surgery so he actually gave me a series of shots to 'kill' the nerve.
That worked!! I haven't had ONE BIT of pain since then...and not other ill effects from the procedure.

I can finally wear shoes besides the Danskos that I've had to live in!!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Tania!!

So sorry to hear about your foot problem and glad to hear it is feeling better. I had major surgery six weeks ago which involved removing my fibula bone from my left leg...a long story which I will tell you all about upon my next visit to the yarn store.:o) Anyhow it has left my toes quite numb and painful especially the second and third toe. I have been promised by my surgeons it will get better over time. Boy I can hardly wait, painful toes are no fun! :o)

A big congratulations on being a part of the Body Fit challenge! You look fabulous on tv and I know at the end of the challenge you will be even more gorgeous! :o) It was so encouraging for I plan to lose some weight myself, and quite a bit I must say. I am ready to shed these extra pounds for sure! I will check back with you soon. Drop by and visit when you can. Take care of that foot and good luck on the challenge!