Friday, January 23, 2009

My 1st TV appearance

It's kind of weird watching yourself on TV. I know I see myself in the mirror everyday and hear what I sound like when I'm talking to others, but watching yourself in action is strange.

First impression was that I looked old. I may be 57, but inside, I still feel 20. It's always a shock to note the gray hair and saggy skin. Then, of course, is the fact that I'm big. It is afterall why I won this contest to lose weight, but still... No amount of baggy shirt is going to hide the fact I look like a fireplug, especially when TV land has been informed I weighed in at 210. Sigh....

On the positive side, I was articulate enough to answer the impromtu questions without drawing a blank and sounded like I was confident and optimistic. Mostly I was happy I didn't say something stupid or inappropriate. Another good thing is I didn't sound heavily accented. I grew up in New York City, but have lived all over the states. It seems as if no one region stood out and I sounded neutral.

We had to arrive at the gym before 6 am and were on for 4 live segments that lasted about 5 minutes each plus several promo shots in between. I didn't leave until past 9 am. For the 7:45 segment, I had already been on the treadmill for 20 minutes when Ruben came over to chat with me. I'm so glad I was not huffing and puffing. While waiting our turn to be on live, I only got to knit a few rounds on a pair of socks I'm working on, mostly because my hands were sweaty and the yarn would not easily glide through my fingers.

Katie and Tracy are the other 2 lucky viewers who are on this journey with me and the folks from the TV 6 station. Both are way younger than I am, with Katie on the left being younger than my youngest child. In this last photo you also see Colleen, my trainer next to Katie. She is just fantastic. She's urging me to do things and keeping me accountable, but not in any sort of bullying way. She never tries to hurt me. After 3 sessions I am sore, but it's not so bad, just a bit achy. I know when I've started to exercise on my own after a long hiatus, I'd be dead the next day. I'm happy to report that has not happened.
Now, if I could only lose weight. After 1 week, I am at the same exact point I was last week. But considering I ate out at 3 wonderful restaurants, I was relieved it was not worse.
The next TV shoot will be in about 3 weeks. I hope some results are visible by then.

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