Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My first original design!

I did not know what to do with the Manos del Uruguay silk yarn I got while in Oregon. I looked all around Ravelry and didn't see anything that would work. I played around, ripped out, and was finally happy with my neckwarmer.

Husband and daughter were unimpressed, but Susan at the Bonita Knitting Store asked me to write it out. Then I posted the pattern for sale on Ravelry through the store. Whoa! On Ravelry, the project itself has 85 hearts, but the pattern has 250! I am amazed at its popularity. Susan has sold 20 hard copies in the store and at least 50 online. I am apparently all the rage in Denmark and Germany.

The original is in Manos, but I've made one in Gold Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple Silk (Vegas, Baby) and several from Louisa Harding's Grace, a silk and wool blend. It's what I'm giving the ladies in the family for the holidays.