Monday, January 21, 2008


Whew! School has started and I'm working on three projects in the Crochet and Knitting Workshops I am attending. The knitting workshop is exploring EZ's Adult Surprise jacket. I'm doing the baby version in keeping with my 2008 goal of having a finished baby items stash so I won't be so frantic when a gift giving situation comes up.

The Crochet workshop is combined with the Level II class where the much anticipated Sampler Afghan is progressing at 2 squares a week. I've been so worked up about this and am finding it hard to limit myself to just doing the homework and not jumping ahead - which would defeat the purpose of learning more about the intricacies of crochet from the instructors. So, my solution has been to do TWO afghans at the same time! The original from Dark Horse Fantasy and the second, darker one from Berroco Comfort. Both are an acrylic and nylon blend. Some people have remarked the Comfort is very splitty, but I have not had that experience, at least crocheting with an H hook.

The crochet workshop is doing a Filet cardigan as its optional class project and I decided to try it. It's a simple stitch, but made to measure without a pattern. That's in Navy TLC Cotton Plus.

In all my class projects, I'm forcing myself to slow down to just work on the week's techniques, so I picked up a WIP that had been hibernating, the Hearts baby blanket from Fiber Trends by Evelyn A. Clark. [see baby stash goal]. It's a fun knit and I am already planning to make it in a variety of colors.

January is my busy month. I'm teaching 3 times at the Bonita Knitting Store: 2 groups working on the Valentine themed Falling in Love Scarf and my regular beginning sock class. It's also when I interview high school students applying for Princeton. I love the interview part. The writing up of the report, not so much.

Speaking of Princeton, we had a wonderful alumni event last week with Chris Young, starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres and his wife Liz, both Princeton class of '02. After lunch near the ballpark, the alumni group of about 50 got a fantastic behind the scenes tour of the park, including areas not open to the public tours. They graciously spent about 3 hours with us. Fascinating insights. Here's my 6'3" husband [in orange] standing near the 6'10" Young in the Padres locker room.
Lastly, I had a real 'Queen for a Day' for my birthday yesterday. We went to a Hollywood Pops concert at Escondido Center for the Arts and dinner with the entire family and their partners with an extra in law thrown in. In addition to tickets to see WICKED in Los Angeles next month, Bob got me these ceramic knitting themed coasters from My knitting studio is styling. But the birthday's over and I need to finish the laundry and write up those danged interviews.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The best present for a knitter

My daughter spent her first Christmas away from home this year when she went to her in-laws in Ohio. It was weird for us, but not too bad since I picked her up the next day at the airport and we had Christmas, part 2 on the weekend.

She brought along all the pix she took while away and I received a happy surprise. A photo of her husband holding her nephew, for whom I had made some items for, was WEARING a vest I'd made. Her sister in law had declined to learn the sex beforehand, so I made her a well-appreciated layette in cream. But once he was born, I sent along something boyish. I received a wonderfully written thank you note, but this photo is what a knitting gift giver lives for! I think he's a candidate for more of my efforts.