Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ah, the joys of San Diego in the summer.

Bob and I went to 3 Padres games in June. Although they are having a dismal season, the owners should pay us to go more often. Of the 7 games we have attended so far, the Padres won 6 when we were in attendance. My secret as a lucky charm is to have some simple knitting in progress while watching. That, and the few beers we have at our favorite downtown brewery, the Rock Bottom.

I've been spending a lot more time at The Bonita Knitting Store. As much as I profess I don't work there, I really do. But it's still just the occasional class, augmented by an hour or two here and there, usually not more than once a week. I always help during the Saturday clinics, if I'm in town. Susan and I even did some classes on the road for San Diego County. We did have an all day inventory party on a Monday when the store is closed. That worked out really well with us getting all the necessary counts done without having to disturb the customers. It will become a quarterly event. Of course there was the constant temptation of handling so much yarn. Thoughts of simplifying the count by just taking it all home kept bombarding me. Personally, I was pretty good, but Janelle......

I went to the County Fair twice. Once was for a shift at the American Sewing Guild Booth right in the Home and Hobby area, my favorite. I sewed tote bags for charity while chatting with attendees. As 'pay' for my volunteer work, I got extra tickets, so Bob and I returned together on another day to watch a Demolition derby.

We also went to Vegas- again. This time we stayed at the Stratosphere, barely leaving the hotel to brave the 108 degree temps. We did take the Deuce uptown to catch the Comedy Stop show at the Tropicana. And lookee, my 1st Royal Flush in Las Vegas in YEARS, as any previously reported have all been in Laughlin. But just to show how luck is very fickle, the machines turned to total crap the next day, demanding I return just about all of my winnings. At least I came home with literally a few extra dollars. Hey, any time I come home with any of my budgeted 'gambling coupons' is a profitable trip.
More on "How I spent my summer vacation" later. Bob and I are off to a photo safari to the Chula Vista Nature Center. We have never been and Bob finally got a digital SLR camera and is still experimenting with its capabilities.

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