Friday, May 30, 2008

Flat Feet and Left overs

The Cool subdued Flat Feet turned out okay. I ended up ripping the first sock about 3 different times. First, I was working toe up and I made the foot too long. Then I messed up the heel on the 2nd go around and started over. THEN, I'm almost done with the cuff, try it on to see how long to make it - AND THE SOCK WON'T GO OVER MY HEEL. The zig zag of the Welt Fantastic pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks has very little give. So, it's frog to the heel once more, do less gusset decreases to get 4 more stitches. Then I adapted the Welt pattern to incorporate the additional stitches along the back of the cuff. With my notes, the 2nd sock worked up quickly. They are nice, but I still did not get that sense of satisfaction I achieve when a project is done.
This is why I do not do 2 socks at once. Things happen. I would have been sincerely upset if I had had to go through all that sock trauma twice. As you can tell, I have not been happy with the 2 at a time on one long Magic Loop experiment. Once I figure out how to do the heel, so I could help others out during the LYS's knitting clinic, I separated them and have continued working one at a time down to the toe. I've completed one sock and am almost to the toe of the second one. Another under inspiring project, mostly because the colorways don't match. Bob likes them, so I'll be finishing them in the next day or so.

I had some of the Flat Feet left over, so I gathered other odd balls of solid sock yarns and embarked on cobbling together a pair with the nubs. I did work them at the same time, but on separate needles, switching back and forth every yarn switch or two. Also, since it was a basic crew sock, I had no new pattern dramas. These flew off the needles. I love them lots and like them much better than all the socks the yarns were left over from.

Still on the Flat Feet kick. For the other colorway in my stash, I went toe up using Cookie A's Monkey Sock pattern. I'd read around Ravelry, the pattern worked just as well toe up, so I went ahead. Happy, happy with the results. I finished the first sock and it will stay a singleton for a while. It's on display at the LYS with the other Flat Feet to show how it knits up and how generous the yarn is. My sock has a cuff over 8 inches long and fits my size 9 1/2 toes.

Overall, I'm working on finishing my WIPs - just 2 plus the crocheted afghans, so I may begin my Christmas knitting and other smallish sized projects I plan for summer knitting so I don't have a big pile on my lap in my unairconditioned house.


Luni said...

The crew socks are my fav, but they all look great, I would be quite satisfied with them.

What is that white stripe in the middle of the flat feet? I can't figure out how they did that.

Tania said...

The white/gray in the middle is the waste yarn section. It lets you know when you have reached the halfway point in the yarn. If you were going to work 2 socks at the same time, you cut along this section to start unraveling the second section. The flat only unravels in one direction.

Lilly said...

Tania - This is a really odd question, but were you in Ashland, OR in the middle of July? There was a lady at my motel that looked a lot like you, but I was too shy to ask.

Tania said...


No,I was not in Ashland, OR in July. But this is entirely too weird.... My husband and I will be there in August!

Lilly said...

I think you are taller than the lady I saw, anyway. :-) (Like I would know - I've never met you!)

I stop in Ashland on my way north to see my DD in Salem.
Don't forget to stop at Web-sters! And Llamas and Lambs in Jacksonville is great, too.

knitty, witty, woo ( Tracey ). said...

On the welt fantastic socks you knitted toe up did you do a normal heel flap like you would with cuff down socks?
I've never thought of doing that ( don't know why ) but it would obviously work in either direction.
I'm loving reading your blog.