Friday, April 25, 2008

I've got me some Flat Feet!

This handpainted colorway is Cool Subdued
This is Cool Bright

These were on order for a couple of months. Come to find out the order was lost by the vendor and was rushed delivered in time for tomorrow's Sock Event. Since I had preordered mine, I did not to wait for the customers to get their pick first. These are each one of a kind with generic kinds of names.


Bobbi said...

I don't really understand Flat Feet; you have to roll the yarn yourself?? I like your color selection, of course.

Tania said...

You don't roll the yarn at all. You unravel from one end and knit the crinkley yarn as you unknit the machine knit flat. You put the flat over your shoulder like a dish towel and just knit direcetly from it.

Beth said...

I had to enlarge the picture to see what this was. Very interesting way of presenting yarn. Pretty colors!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I've seen other bloggers talk about this Flat Feet yarn and it scares me. No matter how simple it looks, I'll probably still mess it up ! (smile).