Friday, April 25, 2008

2-at-a-time socks

My reputation as the 'Sock Lady' is at stake. Susan at the Bonita Knitting Store taught a class using this technique. People expect me to KNOW everything about socks, so I got the book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes and am doing a pair of socks for my DH out of Comfort Sock yarn.

Like all new things, it will take me a while to get used to it. But so far, I'm not liking it so much. It's the managing of the 2 balls of yarn that's driving me crazy. Also, I thought the sock yarn colorway pattern was more subtle and not require matching. It does. DH says he doesn't care, but it's bothering me.


Bobbi said...

I love to work on both at the same time; if it helps, put each ball in its' own ziplock bag and close it leaving the small portion open for yarn feeding. It works. Colleen wants me to show her the Magic Loop too. I do them one or two at a time. You will learn to like it way more, it just takes a bit of learning time.

Tania said...

I had both balls in separate ziplocks. It's not that I can't do it, it's the back and forth that seems to be more trouble than it's worth. I have, however, really enjoyed the Magic Loop with one sock at a time, especially toe up.

melissaknits said...

If you enjoy "magic loop" knitting generally, you'll probably take to this like a duck to water once you find your personalized yarn management style.

I prefer to work from one center-pull ball, not in a zippy. I place the ball so that the center pull is coming from underneath the ball, which allows the yarn on the "outside" of the ball to move freely. There's some folks at the Ravelry group for the book who've come up with all sorts of yarn solutions from empty coffee bags with a hole for each yarn to a personalized hand-made bag with loops to control the yarn!

Robin said...

What I found helps reduce the overall "fiddliness" of two socks at one time is as follows:

1. Say you have two socks (A & B), 80 stitches each, so half of each sock is 40 stitches.

2. Instead of only putting 40 stitches at a time onto the left hand needle, (half of Sock A), push 80 stitches onto the LH needle (40 sts of Sock A and 40 sts of Sock B).

Once those 80 sts are knit, I put an index finger in the left-hand loop (to keep it from closing) and pull on the RH needle. I find it's easier to do most of the stitch-moving by pulling the needle rather than pushing the stitches. Once I've pulled the needle to where the socks are up against the join of the LH needle, I push 80 more sts (the other half of both Sock A and Sock B)onto it, and then adjust both loops...

It's kind of hard to describe these things in words, but hope this helps!

Tania said...

Thanks Robin. My issue with 2 at a time socks is the 2 skeins of yarn, not managing the actual stitches.