Monday, March 10, 2008

Some day has arrived

I couldn't stand it. I kept thinking about the empty space in my studio closet while there was yarn languishing in the Yarn Cave. I don't need to hide the stuff from anyone. Having it out of sight also meant it was often out of mind. I need to be visually reminded of all the good stuff I have because I spend hours every week at my LYS and with my employee discount, am seriously tempted by all the gorgeous fibers there. This means I'm sticking to my story - taking the stuff out of the Yarn Cave is not a ploy to make room for more.

I had hoped an additional hanging sweater storage unit would be enough for me to have my baby yarns and Cotton Ease stash out and on display. Who the heck was I kidding? Other than the Trophy Sunbeam wool in the top cubby (destined for Veste Everest), the baby yarns used every available space. The 80 skeins of old Cotton Ease went back to the Cave.

So far I'm sticking to my 'just 5' works in progress. The 2 crocheted afghans from my class and a pair of socks. I have officially put the other 2, a blanket and a shawl, in hibernation status until the massive afghans are done. I am currently working on square 21 of 48 on one and have completed 19 of 42 on the other.
The darker of the two is for Bob and will have an extra row to make it longer for his tall frame.


Luni said...

Your closet looks wonderful. Somewhere, I'm terribly impressed, but my head is spinning so fast, I can't feel it. Individually labeled afghan squares? Two matching afgans at a time? Project details stored in a cd case?
Everything is lovely, and so neat.

Tania said...

The neatness comes from my military training AND having so much stuff, it would be impossible to find anything if it were not organized.

The afghan is a class project. We have an adult school that offers semester long knitting an crochet classes. In both, the II level semester long project is a sampler afghan. We are given instructions for 2 squares every week and should complete those two before the next class. The notebook contains the instructions. The labels are the instructor/designer's idea because each square has a recommended position.

Knitman said...

oooooh, your stash looks wonderful. So neat and accessible. Unlike mine....

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

This is the most orderly stash I've ever seen.