Saturday, March 01, 2008

Flashing the stash

In answer to the Ravelry Forum question of how do I store my ever growing stash, I updated the pix of my knitting studio and the YARN CAVE, that lovely hall coat closet with shelves tucked under the stairs. There's still some room in the cave and I got lots of ideas from the photos of others. I'm really trying to leave room in the studio closet, because it's technically the guest room, but in reality, it's been used for that twice in the last 15 years. So I forsee another hanging sweater unit if I don't knit and crochet faster. The cool canvas boxes with the windows are a recent purchase from the Navy Exchange. I'm storing some of my FOs there. This spending hours every week at The Bonita Knitting Store has increased my stash exponentially.

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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

LOVE those canvas boxes with the windows out front - was going to ask where you got them, but you answered me before I got round to it. Need to track some down.

Bit restrained on the yarn stash, aren't you? Loosen up a bit, go buy some more, girl.