Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The best present for a knitter

My daughter spent her first Christmas away from home this year when she went to her in-laws in Ohio. It was weird for us, but not too bad since I picked her up the next day at the airport and we had Christmas, part 2 on the weekend.

She brought along all the pix she took while away and I received a happy surprise. A photo of her husband holding her nephew, for whom I had made some items for, was WEARING a vest I'd made. Her sister in law had declined to learn the sex beforehand, so I made her a well-appreciated layette in cream. But once he was born, I sent along something boyish. I received a wonderfully written thank you note, but this photo is what a knitting gift giver lives for! I think he's a candidate for more of my efforts.

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Terry & Jonesy said...

Yes! You are so lucky to have a picture of your finished object being worn! And your brocade coat is stunning!