Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pre- New Year's Resolution

In January, I will be starting two new projects as part of my knitting and crochet workshops. The knitting class will be doing the Adult Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I had already started the Baby Surprise Jacket back in September, then put it aside. I'll complete the Baby version to learn the techniques and to build up my supply of baby items, often needed at short notice.

The crochet class will be completing a crochet sampler afghan. I'm really excited about this. We'll be doing 2 largish (8 to 10 inches) squares a week and expect to be done before the summer break. This one the instructor/designer made is in cream and greens Patons Decor. Mine will be in Dark Horse Fantasy in cream, taupe and brown.

Meanwhile, I've been working furiously to bring my WIPs down from a high of 12 actively in progress to 3 before the New Year. Right now the count is 5. I've started the second sleeve of the Peerie Brocade Cardigan I started last January and will be done by the weekend. I'll post pix then.

I did finish a workshop knitted triangle shawl I started in March from Kid Merino. Between one thing or another, it also got pushed to the back burner. Blocked, it ended up nicely huge. About 44 inches deep and 100 inches from corner to corner. It took 6 skeins. Before the edging I was at 545 stitches per row. It's a stockinette with eyelets every 10 rows and can be made to any size. The garter stitch edging was knitted on and took 3 evenings to complete.

The crocheted Short & Sweet cardigan from Panda Cotton initially intended for my Mom's Christmas present now resides happily in my closet. It was all done save the button bands, but I couldn't gather the umph to finish it. Luckily, she called from the East Coast requesting some Barry Manilow CDs. When I got on the phone with my brother to make sure he did not get the same thing for her, he advised me she was no longer the size I was making the sweater in. Saved by Barry Manilow! I did the plain single crochet button bands and 'tho a little big on me, I love it and have already worn it.

My quest to finish the Peerie Cardigan was interrupted by this Falling in Love Scarf, a Fiber Trends pattern by Evelyn A. Clark. I made it in GGH Soft Kid. I had special ordered the pattern from my LYS and suggested it would be a good Valentine's Day project. Next thing I know, I'm slated to teach it on Jan 12th. A terrific excuse to pause my completion marathon for some fun. It took 4 evenings. I messed up a few times through inattention and learned the hard way that mohair is a booger to frog.

I'm off to finish my second sleeve, then the second sock to my Aran Sandal Socks.


Luni said...

Verry impressive output! You must truly knit (and crochet) like the wind.

Tania said...

I wish I could knit and crochet really fast. Being retired and obsessive, I get to knit about 6 to 8 hours every day. Although, when something interesting is on the TV, I do bits during the commercials.

Bonnie D. said...

Your projects are beautiful. I purchased that scarf pattern last year and knit about 15 rows before I got distracted with something else. I think I will resurrect it after seeing yours!