Saturday, December 01, 2007

One for you, one for me

Retailers must love me. Other than yarn and supplies, I don't do all that much shopping. So around Christmas when I'm looking around online or in the mall for presents, I invariably find a bunch of things for myself I cannot live without. This shirt is a perfect example. I would have never come across it had I not been searching for a specific item for DH. The only trouble I had was limiting myself to just one knitting themed item. I got it at CafePress Just search for knitting, or whatever, and you'll get a dazzling array of tempting options. My birthday's coming up in January and I have a wishlist to compose....

Here's the new mixer, since I knew you were waiting with bated breath to see what a modern one looked like. DH said he needed a second mixing bowl for when he makes pies, so I got that at the Navy Exchange with my scratcher coupon (15%, woo who!) I always encourage his cooking endeavors.

It's 60 degrees in San Diego and it rained yesterday for the first time in months. Break out the parkas! It was raining so hard yesterday, I wimped out from driving the 20 miles to my beloved knitting workshop. There were over 360 accidents around town yesterday, up from the daily average of 50 or so fender benders. Traffic was often at a stand still.

Anyhow, with the chilly weather, I have been wearing socks every day. I have about 50 handknit pairs. Fun ones and those I had a great time making. But the reality is I keep reaching for the same few pairs because the colors complement what I'm wearing. Last year at this time I bit the bullet and made myself 2 pairs of plain black socks. I wear them every single week during sock wearing season. I wear a lot of jeans and I wear the blues a lot, but I don't have many socks with blue in them. So here's my after holiday sock to do list. I should also probably make some for DH in the boring colors he prefers. At least he's branched out to the wide muted stripes in the Austermann Step colorways.

Lastly, a little holiday imagery. This is the nativity set we got for our 1st Christmas when we were stationed in Rota, Spain. The mud dolls were made by local prisoners and are all less than 2 inches tall. These tiny treasures are celebrating their 30th Christmas with our family.


Gail said...

I'm sooo glad the rain has stopped. I was in that awful traffic yesterday! The nativity set is beautiful.

Knitman said...

Yes, I totally agree with the T Shirt!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I know exactly what you mean about the black socks. I have some wonderfully lurid ones, but really really it's the black I NEED most of the time. So why do we still keep reaching for the pretty colours? I think it is more like collecting jewellery or flowers or something like that - art for arts sake.

Did you find that knitting black socks played hell with your eyes? Did with mine.

Love the nativity set. It's the time of year when precious memorabilia come into their own far more than bright new ones.

Tania said...

The black socks were a bit hard on the eyes. I tried to work in daylight as much as possible. I also resisted the temptation to make them fancy. One pair with a 2x2 rib on the leg only, the other with a stockinette leg. It was a chore, but did both in about 10 days. I have more black yarn and could use another pair. Maybe this one with bit of lace.