Monday, December 31, 2007

The last project of 2007

The Peerie Brocade Cardigan with Class designed by my previous knitting workshop instructor, Charlie Hada, is DONE!!!! I started it last January and was determined it would greet January 2008 as an FO and not my oldest WIP.

Just like I suspected, it's wonderful and it will get lots and lots of wear. I used just over 20 skeins of Knit Picks Telemark yarn in Colonial Blue. I had purchased 21 skeins. It's a dense sport weight, so each 50 gram skein had only 103 yards. I was discouraged for a time, thinking I would not have enough yarn to complete it, then worried about mismatched dye lots after so much work. I started the last skein just as I began working on the garter stitch section of the second cuff.

It was a 'hard' knit. Each peerie pattern was graphed over a 16 stitch repeat. I definitely used markers because it was easy to get off track with the knit and purl designs. It was not a portable or mindless project. I did enjoy working on it and really like the end result of a seamless project. Yet, as it got larger I had some issues managing the monster. For example, I had a lot of good knitting time this summer when other workshop projects were not vying for my time. But I couldn't stand having this afghan sized sweater on my lap. Due to our mild weather in coastal San Diego, my old house does not have air conditioning. Being wrapped up in mass quantities of Peruvian wool was just impossible. It's heaviness also led to my hands getting tired, especially during my marathon home stretch.

I really do love it, just as I knew I would when I first tried on the sample my instructor brought to class last year. It was a long journey, but I'm happy to have undertaken it.


Gail said...

Your hard work was worth it! It looks great.

Wool Enough said...

Congratulations! That is a gorgeous cardigan. Inspires me to hunt down the pattern and give it a try.

Luni said...

Pretty amazing. I can understand how long it took, but you are obviously happy with it, so it was worth it. It looks great!

Susan said...

So nice to start the new year with a FO!

Bobbisox said...

I am sure Charlie will be proud; the color looks great, and the peeries look really nice.