Monday, December 10, 2007

I love Vegas

Gambling is such a small portion of why we love Vegas and visit frequently. This is the 3rd year in a row we have gone during the first week in December to kick off the National Finals Rodeo. We do not attend the rodeo, but really enjoy country music. Downtown at the Fremont Street outdoor stages, there were free concerts and lots of people in Western Wear.

The first night we were there was also the first night of Hanukah, so there was a ceremonial lighting of a menorah at sundown, before the first concert. In the distance under the canopy, you can barely make out the Christmas tree being set up.

In conjunction with the rodeo, there's a huge shopping venue set up at the convention center by the Hilton called Cowboy Christmas. Here you can buy any and everything you could ever want to fulfill all cowboy related needs.

Bob said he finally figured out why he could never lasso anything as a kid. Real cowboys use stiffened ropes.

The super sized pick up is for hauling the luxury RVs with room for people and horses in extreme comfort. The price tag on this rig alone was $200K.

Cowboy folk have an outlook on life I quite appreciate.

How can you not like a town with a mayor like Mr. Goodman who shows up for most events flanked by two showgirls with a martini in hand?

We don't have our reservations for our next trip yet, but we are aiming for February around Valentine's Day. We make a game of counting all the brides and grooms.

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