Wednesday, December 26, 2007


That's 'greetings' in Spanish. It's been an eventful couple of weeks. Here we are in all our finery for a Victorian Christmas celebration at the Hotel Del Coronado. The Lamb's Players represented a family [the Marshalls!] enjoying a Christmas dinner with all their friends [all of us in the audience]. Both in costume and character, they mingled among their guests singing and telling stories of the time, 1907. It was really well done and quite elegant. All of our men donned jackets and ties, so we had to properly document the event. Our oldest and her husband spent Christmas with his family back east, but I'm leaving in a bit to pick them up at the airport. We'll do Christmas, part two this weekend.

Bob and I have been married entirely too long. We've been dubbed 'cute' when we went to the dentist earlier in the month for oral surgery. Seems like teeth have an expiration date. What are the odds we would both need THE SAME TOOTH extracted and prepped for an implant? A few years back, we both got crowns on the same tooth at the same time. It's a bit of togetherness I could do without. Our stitches were out in time for Christmas and my bone graft seems to be taking. I'm still limited to chewing on one side, but things are healing up nicely.

Got to go to airport. More about holidays some other time.

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