Monday, October 29, 2007

What a draining day....

The phone woke me this morning. The last time that happened, my kid wrecked her car. It makes me jumpy. But it was the company we had hired to remove some things from our back yard last week before the fires made the air quality too bad to anything outside, much less physical labor. So far, so good. I was happy because it's the first step in doing some fun stuff to the back yard. The old, mostly empty shed was going, as was the side fence separating it from the rest of the yard. With a new, sturdy fence between my neighbor's and our pools, the second one would not be necessary. A bench, rickety pool slide, picnic table and clothes line were also slated for removal.

Things are going great guns when they drill into a copper water line. Oops! Shut the water off to the house and put in an emergency call to the plumber. Somewhere along the house's history, a fence installer poured concrete for a fence support right over a water line. A line that should not have been there in the first place, just 6 inches down. Seems like it was a long ago solution on how to get ample water pressure to the backyard sprinkler system.

The dismantlers, who were doing a great job and were not really at fault about the water, hauled away all kinds of stuff and I'm enjoying the bigger yard area. But now it's obvious that this old HUGE tree really needs to be removed at some future date because the roots are crawling under all kinds of important things, like the house. The roots had already bent the aforementioned water pipe, so it was 'fortunate' it got broken when we were here, as opposed to flooding us out. They leave us to the plumber...

The plumber does his thing which includes lots of drilling and soldering and now we have water AND a huge hole. Once everyone's gone, I get to grab my own shovel and a big bucket to rearrange dirt, filling in the hole and otherwise getting grimy.

You gotta love an older house. And this is just the first step in us giving it a face lift, but between the electrician who came a couple of weeks ago to kill the power going out to the shed, the actual removing of the junk, and an emergency visit by the plumber, the next step will have to wait for our bank accounts to recover.

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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

It's all part of growing into a house, isn't it? Sometimes it takes years to get round to something that's annoyed you for ages, but it's always worth doing.

So glad you're both safe and well.