Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today's happy chore will be to unpack. I set up my computer last night and returned the part of my sock yarn stash that was protecting my monitor back to its assigned spot. I'll do the suitcase and photo albums today.

We are getting a bit stir crazy, as this is the 4th day we remain indoors with the windows closed. It's smokey and ashy out and everyone is still being asked to stay off the roads.

But things are good for us. I've got my knitting, books, computer and TV. Hey, I've got my home and get to sleep in my own bed. We hope we continue to have electricity. The large fire to the north of us is still really out of control, threatening other communities. The Harris fire that had affected us has been pushed back away from the neighborhoods it was threatening here, but it's still less than 10% contained. With the wind change that was good for us, the fire has returned east and is descending on the eastern communities where it first started.

We have it so good, but I do confess to initially being paralyzed when faced with the situation of having room in my car for a finite amount of stuff and deciding what to take and what to leave behind to face destruction. I know they are only things, but it's sobering nevertheless.

Thanks for all the good wishes. Keep them coming, especially for the less fortunate.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Love and hugs and fingers still crossed darling.

Shirl said...

Hi Tania,

Enjoy your knitting projects on your blog.

Stay well,

Shirley A. Hinckley