Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time Bandit

After much gnashing of teeth, frustration, and an entire day in COMPUTER HELL, my new and beautiful 22 inch flat panel computer monitor is up and running.

We had selected the same model DH got last month, causing me much hardware envy. As I began to pester "Santa" about how I've been such a good girl and really deserved one just like his, he replied I didn't have to wait for Christmas. Off we went to our favorite toy store, Fry's. I was giddy with excitement, literally jumping up and down. We got it home and so I wouldn't bother my beloved computer tech rep, left for an errand, knowing I had hours of delight awaiting me. Got back to a blank monitor. Not working and didn't want anything to do with my computer. Oh, we jiggled every connection, downloaded every driver, rebooted upteen times. Nada. Was my beautimous monitor a dud? No! The traitor worked quite nicely with DH's set up, which is just like mine. I wanted to pitch a full tantrum like a two year in the grocery store, throw myselft to the ground, stiffen my back, then kick and scream.

I called the tech gods at Fry's after not getting any help from the manufacturer. They suggested bringing it in the next day along with my computer tower. They swore I'd leave the place with a working monitor, even if it was not the one I had originally wanted. Holding on to that thought, DH and I were able to get to sleep. In the morning, the first thing DH said was monitor related. Oh yes, we are geeks of the most serious kind.

Due to this dire emergency, I missed my Wednesday morning crochet workshop so we could get to Fry's before others with insignificant problems took up too much time with the techs. It took us about an hour to get there although it's normally a 15 minute drive because it decided to rain - drizzle, actually. But in San Diego, where we have had less than 1/2 inch of rain in the last 6 months, wet streets are traumatic. Once we get there, the tech discovers in short order my video card is misbehaving. Off with its head! A new card, installation, and clean the baby up while she's open, have all conspired to dip into my yarn budget. But my originally purchased monitor works! When we got home, hooked everything back up (I remembered to take photos of the back of the computer so all the wires went back in the same holes), I sat on the floor with all fingers and toes crossed muttering, "Please, please work.." and it did.

So, a 10 minute installation took a day and a half. Then I seriously had to play with it once it was working. I ran slideshows of many of my photos on the big screen with at least 4 times the resolution of the old one. This morning I watched a video from my college and gleefully recognized several classmates I had not seen in over 30 years. But then I turned on the TV in the family room and the picture tube is going. I think I'm going in for our first flat screen TV as soon as my credit card turns over!
I have barely knit a stitch in over 2 days.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Well that's the trouble, isn't it? We get a really good computer so we can keep up with the knitting/crochet crowd, and then don't have time for the original craft that got us there!

But I'm glad it's working anyway...

Bobbisox said...

Glad you got it up and running. I have a huge monitor for Wayne and am thinking of picking up a whole new system for my knitting/computer room as my desk-top is making strange munching sounds. Just after my laptop crashed the day before. Now hubby is coming home this week after being away for 6 months and I won't have access. A twenty-two inch monitor sounds great. As I type, this Sony Vaio with Media is recording Miss Marple. So, who needs a new TV? (got one for Christmas so I can feel cocky).