Monday, October 22, 2007

Party, party, party.

The Bonita Knitting Store had its second annual Pink Party last Saturday night. It was a come in your 'jammies to knit or crochet, eat some pink food, and otherwise just relax with friends. Growing up in NYC, I had never been to a pajama party. My daughters had them when they were younger, but this was my first. Such fun!

One of the regulars brought her mother in law visiting from Buffalo, NY. She showed us how to whip up a crocheted hat that many in her senior center make to donate to schools. Whenever a teacher notes a child freezing due to lack of necessary hats and scarves, they are able to give them to the needy right then and there. It's basically a rectangle of double crochets worked into the back loop. When it's long enough for the sides to go around a head, slip stitch the last and first rows together. Gather one end of the tube. Using chains, she made a squiggle topper, but you could do whatever you like or leave it plain. I made this one in a couple hours watching TV.

Here's some of the yummy food set out for us and Susan, the owner, preparing flavored coffee per request.

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