Monday, October 08, 2007

My brain and butt hurt

Yesterday was my first day on Ravelry. Every time someone mentioned it on the Socknitters Yahoo group, I checked where I was in the queue. I felt like a stalker. I knew it would be this weekend.
I am a list maker by nature, so a place to show your lists off and have them all in the same format? Heaven. I must have spent 8 hours uploading stuff. I didn't have a Flikr account, so I had to do that too. I had to hobble away from the computer to pick up daughter and her husband at the airport. They had left town for a college friend's wedding. A couple of more hours and a back spasm later, I figured I better deal with this mess. That's the laundry I was allegedly doing while online. I'd gotten it out of the dryer quickly enough so as to avoid wrinkles, but the stuff just wasn't going to fold itself.

Then being distracted by the wonders of Ravelry land led to the near ruin of a new pair of socks worn just once. I made these from both Panda Cotton and Wool because I had received one skein of each colorway as a gift. The cotton is machine washable, the wool is not. Luckily I take my handknit machine washable socks out of the dryer while still damp. They looked awful small, then I remembered the wool content. In my defense, it has been the first time wearing socks since last April or May, but still... I couldn't get them on my feet! Then I remembered I had a pair of sock stretchers. Much tugging later, they dried and I could wear them. They are a bit slouchy from so much trauma, but are wearable. These are so October.
I forced myself to step away from the computer after 9 pm. There was TV to watch and I did not want to get a further behind in my shows. Last week in Santa Barbara had both VCRs working overtime to capture my favorites. I had to turn the computer off to reduce the temptation of looking up just one more thing.
To "relax" I picked up the Coriolis sock I was trying to figure out. Working with Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters is making my head hurt. I was about to finish the heel flap when I realized there was no way this thing was going to fit my 10 inch foot. Somewhere along the way I missed a key point. And no wonder, to work one pattern, I've got to flip around to at least 6 different pages. Argh!!! The schematic on page 51 refers to the sections of the sock [pathway] as toe, lower foot, arch expansion, heel and leg. The Master Pattern on page 57 says to make toe XX inches long, then start the arch expansion. Hey! Where did the lower foot section go? The toe instructions are found on page 126, then back to 57 for the arch expansion. I hadn't quite understood the calculation of a key number on page 112, so I came up with one too small. I then went through all the machinations on the arch expansion, but without the lower foot section being long enough, it just was not going to work.
I thought about it, realizing I did not need the socks for anyone, so a goal of learning something new, I frogged it back to the toe. I recalculated the key number, then compared where I thought I was going with the Coriolis instructions on the DIY network's website. The number I figured out is over half an inch longer than the one she cited for a 10 inch foot. I guess I'll just split the difference.
My beef is that if this is supposedly a Master Pattern why aren't the directions all in one place? Does Master Pattern mean you need a Master's degree to figure it out? Wait, I've got one of those and it didn't help.... But I am stubborn, so going back to toe and be sure to put in that lower foot section.

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