Monday, October 08, 2007

FOs completed while absent from blogland

From my Knitting workshop class, my first real stranded colorwork in preparation for my seamless yoke sweater per the EPS calculations. I'm also going to steek the pullover into a cardigan. The hats went to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer fundraiser. I made great progress on the stockinette sections of the sweater while sitting at the booth at Bonitafest and on the train to and from Santa Barbara. I am almost ready to add some color.

The crochet workshop is also going well. I went ahead and made this placemat to practice the motif and the edging. A bit lumpy, but definite progress in honing my rusty skills.

This Noni bag is the Cascading Fuschias Really Big Market Bag. I used 2 strands of Navy Patons Merino for the bag and one strand of the colors for the flowers. The flowers took just as long as the bag to knit. I modified the straps to make it a shoulder bag.

I finally finished this plain pair of socks made from Opal Sommernachtstraun, a hand dyed colorway. This has been my take along project since I started it back in May.

Another Short and Sweet for me. It's from Elsebeth Lavold Silky wool. My first one was from a Yarn Pirate tencel wool blend that bled rather badly when hand swished. I took a friend's advice and let the Yarn Pirate folks know about the bleeding issue and promptly got a nice reply. It seems the first batches had some 'issues.' I was offered yarn as a replacement. Never to turn down the offer of free yarn, I got this yummy stuff within the week. I noted it doesn't contain any tencel. I suspect the dye was not sticking to this fiber as well as the wool. I felt a bit guilty since the garment is still usuable, though faded. The original yarn was a gift, so it's 'free' yarn to replace yarn I didn't pay for in the first place.

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LunaZ CreationZ said...

Thank you sooooooooo MUCH for the yarn! I am going to make Peter a pair out of it.