Friday, October 26, 2007

An FO, finally

You would have thought with being stuck in the house for the past week due to the lousy air quality and my classes canceled, I would have been knitting up a storm. But no. It seemed as if I had this overwhelming lethargy, especially in anything creative. Instead, I cleaned or reorganized stuff. Cleaning and related tasks calm me. I feel like I'm in control of a little corner of the universe. I went to the LYS on Wednesday to turn in some more hats for the Susan G. Koman fundraiser, then stayed to count the donations and otherwise tidy up. Susan thanked me, but I was happy to IN CHARGE of something!

I finished a pair of Walking Away Socks, a Fiber Trends pattern. I did the 'Reflections' motif. I like them, but in the future I will definitely start with a ribbing all the way around the top before jumping into the pattern along the back. These socks don't stay up as well as I would like. I used Knit Picks Essential Tweed yarn in the slate colorway.

I made myself finish the gray socks before starting another pair with this Austermann Step yarn. It's the #10, Melba colorway. I've been wanting this particular colorway for months. Even when the LYS ordered the sampler pack allegedly containing it, they would arbitrarily substitute other colors. I ended up ordering it from Patternworks at full price, plus shipping! It arrived last Saturday. You know I threw this skein in with the items packed for a potential evacuation. It will become a basic crew sock with a 2 x 2 ribbing for the leg and a st st foot. I don't have any plain socks OTN and I missed my favorite non-thinking portable project. I'm not getting into that situation again.

I also played around with my yarns so now all the sock yarns are stored so I can see each colorway. Such is the current level of excitement in my life. I have also been playing around in Ravelry, looking at who else is signed up in the San Diego area, who else has made the same things as I have and what yarns are the most popular. The top 10 yarns used in projects were an interesting mix. The top yarn by far was Cascade 220. Not surprising because it's a classic worsted weight. Second was Noro Kureyon, 3rd Patons Classic Merino. What got me was numbers 5 and 6 - Lily Sugar N Cream and Caron Simply Soft. I am so used to the lists with the most vocal decrying such pedestrian yarns, but am aware of the many people, especially in my crochet workshop, who are die hard Red Heart fans. It seemed to me the Ravelry folks were more like the 'in' crowd, but I like that they proudly flash their stash no matter if it's not especially cool.

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