Monday, August 27, 2007

Gratuituous Sock Yarn

Last month's Knit Picks order was mostly books. I could not resist their 40% off sale or the newest sock book from Ann Budd obtained from Amazon. In the book order I also threw in 100 grams of their Risata yarn which I wished came in more colors and 100 grams of their Essential Bare tweed. The tweed was amazingly soft and pretty much perfect. I placed another order and got 5 of the 6 colors they stocked. I also got 3 of the 4 colorways of the Essential multicolored. I don't know whether they are striped or not, but was intrigued since they were on a special page noting they were from the first dye run and were not quite right because they were not bright or deep enough. I like the muted mix.

I had to rearrange my sock yarn stash to make room for the 10 pairs worth of new yarn. There's got to be at least enough for 150 pairs in there. I have 'reduced' this stash by relabeling my acrylic sock yarn [Bernat Sox] as 'baby yarn' good for hats, booties and tiny sweaters. I got most of this on a Herrschner's sale for about $1 each and figured it would be good for gifts for those who don't want or appreciate wool in their socks. I need to get cracking on my sock production. I have only completed 3 pairs all summer.

One of the Tweeds, the Flint gray color DEMANDED my immediate attention. I've already completed the 1st sock from the Walking Away socks pattern from Fiber Trends. This is the Reflections design. I pretty much made it like the pattern which has a plain 1x1 rib on the front of the leg and this chevron design on the back. If I make it up again in another pair, I'm thinking of running the pattern along the front too, but wonder if it would stay up with almost no ribbing?

With my classes started, I've been amassing my supplies. I got my 7 skeins for the solid part of the EZ sweater for the knitting workshop. Even though I don't plan to start the crocheted afghan until the January semester, I couldn't resist ordering the 24 skeins I need for that. I had thought of using some of the 26 skeins of Wool Ease I have set aside for the Great American Aran Afghan, but since I needed 3 coordinating colors, I opted for the Dark Horse acrylic/nylon yarn that is unbelievably soft and yummy. Knowing me, I'll probably sneak in a square or two before January. The yarn for my workshop projects doesn't count as stash enhancement. It's SCHOOL SUPPLIES.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Oh GREAT ideas! Baby yarn, yes, that means the sock stash is reduced significantly. And SCHOOL supplies, yesss... (Although I don't teach knitting or crochet right now - but wait, I do design yarns - WORK SUPPLIES!) Thank you Tania!

(Is that the Kilt Hose book I see? I am so tempted by that one...)

Bess said...

Delicious looking socks. And So Much Sock Yarn! Yum.

Knitman said...

The sip looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

N. Maria said...

Great looking stash!
You do wonderful knitting, too!