Sunday, August 26, 2007

Easily tempted

It seems as if any one project cannot hold my attention. I get unbearably excited about the prospect of a new yarn or a pattern and I have to satisfy the urge. I've got some goals about what I'd like to accomplish by year's end and sometimes feel the need to cast on for something I know I won't get to in months. Take for example this Vanilla Spice cardigan from Knitty. I'm definitely going to make it, especially since I special ordered the TLC Cotton Plus to make sure I got enough of the same dye lot. I cast on for in on July 11th, worked about an inch and a half and set it aside for more thrilling work. Now that it's on the needles, I have to do the same thing for about 15 inches. Ho hum. I'm leaving out the pockets and will be rounding the neckline. I think I'll make the sleeves 3/4 length - eventually.

With 4 rather large projects in the works in addition to socks, I overheard a comment at the LYS that the Short and Sweet Cardigan I had previously made would also look good in Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool. Hmm... I have 6 skeins I'd ordered online that were not the color I really wanted [my mistake]. I was going to use it for a shawl, but...... I furiously worked on this. Got it to the point that all I have left is a bit of a sleeve and the edging and POOF! Interest waned.

I did get further excited by this design by Angela "LaVonne" Best thinking it might make a good Christmas present for my Mom. I contacted the designer and she gave the stitch counts to upsize it to a 2X. I know I could have figured it out, but her counts confirmed what I was thinking. Next was deciding on which yarn would be best. Something easy care but not heavy. This pattern is meant for worsted weight wool but it just doesn't appeal to me that heavy. I tried it in TLC, Berroco Soft Twist and finally Panda Cotton, a sock yarn. Winner. It's so light and soft with the advantage of being machine washable. I ordered more of the yarn, and wouldn't you know it, this color's on backorder.
Bitten by the crochet bug and looking forward to a new class, I reclaimed some old Peaches and Cream kitchen cotton I had gotten for a TNNA workshop by an unnamed 'celebrity' who wanted the lace swatches for homework done up in this stuff, and played around with a water bottle cozy and coasters. I liked these so much, I made a set of 4 each as I gleefully ripped out the useless - and unused swatches.
For some reason, having 8 or 9 projects in the works has become normal for me. I used to be such a one project person.....

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