Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I can actually sew

I've lost my sewing mojo. It was rough going making the latest batch of knitting needle holders for my LYS. It didn't help that my trusty Viking sewing machine was acting up so badly that what should have taken 15 minutes, took over an hour. The straight stitch kept skipping. Luckily, I had been working them up production style, so when it totally gave up all I had to do were the dividing sections which I could use a different stitch which worked fine.

Once I delivered some to the LYS with these leftover to fill the next order, I took the machine in to the shop. The repairman seemed hopeful it could be fixed. I hope so. I love that machine! A similar machine would run over $1200 and that's a lot of yarn money.

The aunt who taught me how to knit and my maternal grandmother both worked as seamstresses in the NYC garment district. I have a new found respect for the grueling work that must have been, especially when getting paid by the piece.

More fun is one of the latest things I've started. I use Google Reader to subscribe to my favorite blogs. Susan of posted this wonderful shawl, and I ordered it the next day from Sivia Harding knit Design. It's the Diamond Fantasy scarf or shawl. I have 2 skeins of Schaefer Anne that started out as a plain shawl, but begged to be made into something more spectacular. With over 11oo yards, I hope it ends up huge. One photo is as it appears on the needles and the other a preview of what it'll look like blocked. I just love that the edging is knit as part of the pattern.

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