Friday, July 13, 2007

The Circle of Death

Sounds like some Sci Fi movie, but it's actually a patch of dirt in my backyard where nothing grows. Admitedly, as a New Yorker, I know squat about outdoor plants, but I have tried seeds, bulbs and all manner of bedding plants that look gorgeous in the containers at the store. I see other people's blogs with their thriving plants, and this is the best I can do.

I went to the Navy Exchange last weekend and grabbed everything labeled "Full Sun." This is dedication, since I never brave the crowds on weekends AND it was a scratcher day. Usually the scratchers with the mysterious discounts are good for a week, but it was a special promotion for 7/7/07. Zoo does not begin to describe the nightmare. I am still traumatized.

Even with our drought like conditions, I've been watering extra in addition to the sprinklers. My experimental patch is marked off by bricks with a warning to the gardeners to leave it alone. I know they just laugh at me. I was hurt to the quick last week when I consulted them about additional watering time and the head guy said he thought I did not water at all! Look at my water bill! I snuck some ice plant in there and think if that doesn't stick, I should just pave it over.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I really really wish I could help on this one but the conditions are so different here that if it doesn't rain for two days we call it a drought. Have you changed the earth/soil/whatever in that little flowerbed? Put a hefty mulch of bark or something on top, to hold in any moisture you give it? Sat out there in the late evening and talked to the plants? In the last extremity, pour the dregs of a glass of wine over it. That officially requests the gods to do something about it.

Tania said...

Ah... I've done all but pour the wine. It rained about 4 inches all last rainy season [1 July to 30 June] which is far less than our usual 10 inches. It's full sun with hard packed sandy soil. But as you can see, NOTHING kills the rosemary that started out as a twig in the dirt. I could just let it take over.