Friday, June 08, 2007

Projects update

I've been reading everyone's blog, but have neglected updating my own. We are leaving for a week's road trip in the morning, so it's time.. Here is the top down raglan I've been playing around with since January. It's a workshop project using Barbara Walker's Top Down book. I am very pleased with it, although it's the 1st thing I've ever made that itches a bit. I have already washed it, but will wash it again and throw in some conditioner. I better, since I've been buying up all kinds of this Elsebeth Silky Wool.

This is my first crochet project, except for hats and scarves, since the 70's. It's the Short and Sweet cardigan from Deb Stoller's Happy Hooker. I wanted to use this Yarn Pirate Yarn I got as a gift, so I worked it very loosely to get the required gauge since the pattern was meant for DK or worsted weight and the Yarn Pirate wool and tencel blend is a fingering weight. I did a different front treatment and added a button. I am beyond happy with it.

I caught yet another cold last week, which just totally pissed me off since it's the 3rd or 4th this season and I rarely get more than one a year. I took to my couch coddling myself in hopes of getting better for some long standing commitments last weekend and going to my last workshop class of the semester to say goodbye to Charlie. While 'being sick' I did my 7th [yep, SEVENTH] Sitcom Chic cardigan. I needed a white sweater and since I can literally knit a lot of this with my eyes closed, it was a perfect project for my headachy, stuffy self. One week from start to finish. I tried it on with a Shapely Tank [White Lies] I made a couple of years ago and was really happy to see the colors still matched and could be worn as a twin set. Both are made from Vanilla Cotton Ease.

It was sad going to my last workshop session to say goodbye to Charlie who's moving to Missouri after teaching Knitting, Crochet and Needlepoint at the Foothills Adult Center in El Cajon since 1983. I've only been with her for 3 years and I've learned so much. Athena's been her assistant for 17 years and will be taking over. In addition to continuing with my Knitting workshop on Friday afternoons, I'm going to start with the Crochet group on Wednesday mornings.

Charlie's still getting rid of bits of her stash before moving next week. On Monday she gave me a bag with one small ball of yarn and 2 knitted sleeves from some long ago project. She said it was alpaca and mine if I wanted to reclaim it. When I ripped it all out and balled it up, I ended up with 357 grams of this yummy sport weight yarn. I immediately started the shawl Athena had as a spring workshop project that none of my yarns really wanted to become. The 1st photo was Tuesday night and the other last night. I'm bringing this shawl and another [Leaf Shawl from Fiber Trends] along on our road trip to Colorado, along with a sample sock for a class I'm teaching in July.


rho said...

Oh My Gosh look at those great tops and shawl - the crochet one is pretty enough to make me want to learn crochet!!

Have a super trip and hope the cold is completely gone now.

Knitman said...

Wow Tania, you have been easy. Well done on your tops. excellent stuff.

Sorry to read about losing Charlie. Bet she has left you lots over the years though.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I love the crochet jacket too. The variegated yarn really suits it. Will have to make it.

Rho, if I come over there and teach you how to crochet (it's easy, honestly, only one stitch ever to drop!), will you provide the blueberry muffins and coffee?

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Tania, you back from your road trip yet? C'mon girl, get posting!-

Luni said...

I've been reading through, enjoying all your knitting, but I had to post a comment to tell you I am stunned by your version of the crochet cardigan. It is sooo nice. I have the book, I crochet, but I would never have thought of making that pattern until I saw your version. & I have some fingering weight yarn I don't know what to do with...
Thanks for the idea (s)!

disa said...