Sunday, June 24, 2007

Leaf Lace Shawl done

I had 3 3/4 skeins of Elsebeth's Lavold's Silky Wool in green left over from the the top down raglan project. I thought I needed 7, then got 8 for good measure. Silly me wound them all up so I could not exchange them at the LYS, so I got the last one they had in the same dyelot for a total of 9, figuring it would be enough for something else. This is a Fiber Trends design by Evelyn A. Clark, the same designer as the Leaf Lace sock I made as a sample. I'm really impressed by this designer. Her instructions are the best I have found. This pattern offers size options, so I decided to go until I ran out of yarn.

I guessed on how many repeats of the leaves to do before starting the edging and I guessed wrong. I had 6 more rows to go plus binding off when it was obvious there would not be enough. Although the LYS had more, the dyelot was different and quite noticeable. I debated whether to rip out a lace repeat, but then consulted the very clear photo, noting the edging didn't have pronounced points, so I stopped and bound off with about 10 yards of yarn to spare. Looks okay to me.

This is my 1st shawl with an all over lace design rather than just a border. I'm methodically progressing in my lace knitting. Next will be an all over design in lace weight yarn.

This shawl also brought home the TRUE FACT that if it's midnight and you are sleepy, do NOT allow yourself to forge ahead and finish the row. I spent an hour and a half the next morning repairing a lace section I'd goofed up. I refused to tink the 357 stitches and stuck with it until I could "see" where the problem was.


Joan said...

That's a real beauty. I like her designs too.

tania said...


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Oh boy do I know that, 'ah it's only midnight, I can easily get this next row done...' syndrome. Plus the morning after horrors too. Beautiful shawl, though, and well done on being creative with the completion. Following the pattern abjectly isn't always essential for a nice finish. (Really must take the plunge and start a lace shawl soon...)

Susan said...

The shawl is just gorgeous! Like you I learned not to knit lace when I'm tired the hard way.