Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mother's Day gift off and gone

By request, my mom asked for another Sitcom Chic sweater. This is my absolute favorite sweater for comfort and wearability. I have 4 and Mom now has 2. Yep, I've made the danged thing SIX times - all from various shades of Cotton Ease bought in a frenzy when I learned it was being discontinued. It's been reissued, but at a higher price and in a totally different and muted palette. Nowadays if I want a cotton/acrylic blend in worsted weight, I go with TLC Cotton Plus. She received it in Thursday's mail and was quite pleased with it. Her other one is in black. Both are sized up to 2X.

I am constantly searching for another basic sweater for my Cotton Ease. I still have 4 colors I want to make cardigans from. I think I found it in the current issue of Knitty. I've got some CE in bright white I'll experiment with. I think I'll modify the collar from a V neck to crew so when I wear it open - as in most of the time - it will hang better. Of course I'll make them 3/4 sleeves. This pattern seems perfect, as it comes in a wide size range, from XSmall to 3X and it's knit up in my preferred way, once piece to the armholes with the sleeves knitted from the shoulder. Look, ma, no seams to sew! I will not start this [I must repeat this mantra often] until I'm done with my [just] 2 works in progress.

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