Monday, May 14, 2007

Baby boy stuff

While 'waiting' for the info on the top down raglan, I had too much fun making some boy things for baby Jaedon. I put this in the mail to Columbus on Saturday. The vest is a Dale of Norway pattern made from Lion Brand Baby Soft. The socks from Panda Cotton. I made one sock of from the Baby Soft, but it just couldn't compete with the yummy texture of the Panda Cotton, so I didn't finish them.

The last 2 projects OTN are not really portable, so I started a simple airy scarf from Kid Merino to take to the Padres game on Thursday. Then, not having any socks in progress felt weird, so I cast on for a basic rib pair from some Opal hand-dyed yarn in maroons and dark green. I'd tried something fancy with it last year, but it didn't work out for a variety of reasons, so I ripped it out completely and rewound the yarn. I only have 4 rows done of the first sock, but it's one I can easily work on when out and about. There's no rush. Sock weather is pretty much over in San Diego.
I couldn't help myself, so I cast on for yet another pair. The Anna yarn in my stash has been pleading for my attention. It's in muted gray greens. I had heard online it worked up to a much finer gauge than usual, so I started out with 72 stitches and size 0 needles, instead of my usual 64 stitches and size 1, 1.5, or 2s. I've done about an inch of ribbing and am thinking of looking in my Sensational Knitted Sock books for inspiration for a pattern...

Oh, and I got my yarn order from Astrid in the Netherlands. It took 3 weeks instead of the usual 10 days and I was getting antsy. It's not as if I need any more sock yarn. One of the pinks are for a pair of Pink Ribbons socks for the Susan G Komen breast cancer fundraiser in the fall. The red are for the Christmas season. The dark pink was an experiment.. It's Opal Cotton and is darker than I thought it would be, but it's all good.


Knitman said...

The vest is a great colour. the saock yarn picture just makes me want to buy more....;-)

Sarah said...

That looks like beautiful yarn. I'm going to have to wipe a little drool off my keyboard.
Thanks for you advice during my sparkly pink sock dilemma. Setting them aside and pondering was just the thing to do. In fact, that's probably good advice for a lot of life...
Thanks again.

theblondeknitter said...

what a great little vest!
i stopped over from Jo's blog to say 'hi'. i would like to do the Aran Sandal socks some day too.
how special to have a friend for that long. my friend and i have 15 years so far and hopefully a ton more to go!