Saturday, May 05, 2007

Aran Sandal Socks done

The Aran Sandal Socks are done. I gave them to Charlie, my Knitting Workshop instructor last Friday. She was surprised and amazingly appreciative. I guess knitters don't get many knitted gifts. This was from some of her stash yarn she was giving away to make way for her move East. She was so sweet, saying she would wear them on Christmas and think of me. Next I need to make my matching pair and remember to wear them on Christmas too.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Tania HELP!! I'm working on the Aran Sandal socks and took them on this French trip with just a brief note of the heel turning etc. Now I'm having some trouble with the heel flap since it's worked back and forth and I can't quite get my head around reversing the Mirror Cable (bad enough worked in the round!) Don't have the book with me, and don't know what to do! Do I try to do Right and Left twists on the wrongside and how do you DO that?

Au secours! A moi la Legion!

(Haven't got your email address with me, unfortunately. But realised I could get on to your blog and felt so relieved. Isn't the Net wonderful?)

Love anyway, even if you can't work out what the heck I'm on about!

A frantic Jo in France.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

(A week later).

Thanks for the calm and reasoned guidance, Tania! Safely working down the foot on both socks now and hoping to have them done before Summer of Socks starts. You're a star.