Monday, April 23, 2007

Then there were Four

Crocheted Fillet Ruffle Shawl as written by Athena, my workshop instructor. The body took less than 4 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky wool. The ruffle and small border used 5 entire skeins. It took an amazing amount of willpower not to take the crochet class this semester, but I really want to get my WIPs done. I'm also committed to working on some items for the Pink Ribbons campaign this summer. Last year it was all scarves, but this year it can be anything in pink. I will do at least one pair of socks. I ordered some Opal and Regia pink yarns from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions in the Netherlands. Why is plain pink sock yarn so hard to come by? I scoured many sources when I made my own pink ribbons socks and ended up using Dale Baby Ull.
Austermann Step #12. I've been carrying these around since January, working on them here and there, mostly while getting pedicures. Bob's already worn them and they're in the hamper.
Free Panda wool and cotton samples. I didn't think they'd go together, but I liked the mix. When I was putting them away, I noticed one seemed longer than the other. Sure enough, somehow I lost count and one leg has an extra repeat. Since I used up all but 10 inches of the yarn, it's staying that way. Don't look too closely.
Yarntini 'gimlet' toe up socks with a short row heel. I did a Kitchener bind off for the first time. These are the socks I'm entering in the San Diego County Fair along with the crocheted shawl and the Braids cardigan I completed in November.

Can you believe it? I only have 4 works left in progress and am determined not to start another, the Spring knitting workshop shawl, until I've finished the 2 gifts I'm working on - the sweater for my mom and the socks for a certain someone. The Sitcom Chic for mom is coming along. I started the second sleeve which means I'm about halfway done since the sleeves get attached to the body at the underarm then the entire raglan yoke is worked in one piece. I'm on the second gift sock and hope to have it done by the end of the week.

I special ordered 10 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold silky wool in claret for the workshop shawl. When it showed up, the color is not maroon as depicted online, but red. I still like it, but not for the shawl. I had my heart set on maroon. I have to scour my patterns to come up with a worthy project. I've been staring at my yarns displayed in my studio and think I'll use the Anna yarn just frogged from a garter stitch shawl or some Yarn Pirate stuff I got as a gift on the cruise. Light or dark? hmmmm.... decisions.


NancyMaria said...

Beautiful socks and great blog!
Yup, solid colored sock yarn is very hard to find. I, too, use Dale Baby Ull when needing a solid color.
Where are the Pink ones?

Tania said...

The pink ones were made back in June 2005 before I blogged. They're somewhere in my online photo album for socks. The photos there are chronological with the newest first. I made them from the free pattern Pink Ribbons.

Lately, I get most of my solid yarns from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions. Even with shipping from the Netherlands, it's less expensive than in any local store

knitzalot said...

If you need pink sock yarn, I have some Wildfoote in a solid pink color. Its the right shade, too. I'd be happy to donate it for the cause, and I live in San Diego, so I could just drop it by the Bonita Knitting Shop for you. Let me know.

Tania said...

By all means, bring all pink yarn to the Bonita Knitting Store. If not for me, then for anyone else. Susan, the owner, can give it to other knitters. I'm at the store every Saturday from 2 to 4 for the clinic. On the 28th, I'm teaching from 12 to closing at 6.

Knitman said...

Wonderful shawl and socks. I particulalry like the austermann step pair-I think the colourway works really well.

Terry & Jonesy said...

LOVE your socks!!! Wish I was there to knit with you...someday again...