Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am such a geek

Since last reporting in, I've been to Las Vegas and back. The 6 hour drive each way afforded me much sock knitting time. I brought along the 3 pairs of socks in progress. Two are toe ups and it had been a while since I had done a short row heel. I got them all up to that point, then did 4 short row heels back to back to back. Now I'm on the home stretch of each. The video poker machines 'tho not overly generous, were pretty loose, so I came back home after 4 days of gambling with $3 more than when I left. I happily returned my budgeted gambling money to the ATM. It's just keeping that moola in storage, as we have already booked our next 2 visits in July and September to Sin City. In between, we'll be in Laughlin for a few days as we return from our June road trip to Colorado. I wonder which knitting projects will capture my imagination and demand to come along.
My knitting workshop is on Easter break and even though I have not finished the 2 projects from the winter semester, Athena, our instructor has tempted me with some shawl patterns. I have already ordered the Elsebeth Lavold Silky wool for the one I want to make. Since the color I wanted [claret] is not normally carried by the store, I'm buying the entire bag of 10 skeins. Darn the luck! I am so in love with this yarn. I plan to make a tank top with the extra, probably 4 skeins.

With all my works in progress, my many plans for the future and me toying with the idea of taking a crochet class, I reevaluated my current works in progress. I woke up Tuesday with a wild hair and totally frogged 2 shawls I had started last fall. The one on the left is from Schaeffer Anne and other Crystal Palace Kid Merino. Really great stuff, but I had rushed to play with the yarn and these are garter stitch. I think the yarn deserves better treatment, so it's been rewound and is now with its other lace yarn brothers and sisters until something more wonderful comes along.

MY BIGGEST ADVENTURE was not on the knitting front. We [as in DH] got a new laptop equipped with Windows Vista and all the latest bells and whistles. I haven't had much of a chance to play with it, but did take over the 5 year old laptop with its 256 mb of RAM and 20 GB hard drive. I put it on my desk upstairs and with its little wireless card poking out from its slot it was good enough to do my online chores. I got used to it although it was finicky. After numerous error messages, not shutting down properly or rebooting, I got so frustrated I decided I needed to buy myself a new laptop. You must understand there are only 3 people who live here and we have 5 computers. I didn't NEED one, but wanted it so badly I could taste it. I priced some, then DH got into the act telling me all the features I couldn't live without. So instead of $500, now it's $1200 for something I don't really need. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I REFORMATTED THE HARD DISK on the old one. I've never done this before, but went step by step with the recovery disks - and it worked!

It's taken a lot of time away from my knitting with all the reinstalling of programs and the gazillion updates. Even my Outlook Express started working again. The other thing wrong with it was the battery had totally died and it only worked when plugged in. Since everything has been working as it should for over a week, I found a replacement battery online from I ordered it YESTERDAY and used the free shipping option. It showed up this morning! Now the baby has a real battery and with all the caca removed is acting just as it should. I had gotten an 80 GB external drive that's about as big as a deck of cards for Christmas, so all my music and pix are stored there anyway. I am quite the happy camper and am feeling very smug about the money I've saved.

Once again my interest was piqued by someone else's knitting project. Lakia at the shop started the Aran Sandal Sock from Socks, Socks, Socks and had a question about how to turn the heel. Alas, everyone seems to have this faith in me that I can just look at something and figure it out. The reality is it takes me a while to see what's going on and those damned heel instructions did not make sense [when in doubt, check for errata which cleared it up]. But it was too late. I got into the pattern and had to make it myself. I had always wanted to make these socks and I was recently gifted with the perfect yarn. So far, I've only completed one sock. The second one will wait until I've finished up some other things. I plan on giving it away and have until June.
I met some more great knitters last night. I finally went to the Knit @ Nite event in La Jolla. It's part of the North Coast Knitters. I joined the organization and look forward to the newletter and member directory. Heather Broadhurst and her pentagons were there and with so many other knitters and their varied projects, it was definitely worth the drive. I might even go up to Encinitas for some of their upcoming events. Ah, life is good.


NancyMaria said...

I, too, have always wanted to make those socks!! You did an absolutely wonderful job on them! Pray-tell, what yarn did you use?

Tania said...

My workshop instructor gave me some old - as in 20 years - yarn from her stash because she's moving cross country and is trying to pare down. It's Pomfret Mark II Sport yarn and is 100% wool. Guess who the recipient of the gift is?

Knitman said...

That sock is very nice indeed.