Thursday, March 01, 2007

UFO finally completed

I started this textured cardigan from Classic Knits for Real Women back in June. It's from Knitpicks DK Merino yarn. It's mostly stockinette with the occasional purl. I opted for the textured version instead of placing beads where the purls are.

Now that it's done and it's really comfortable, I can see I'll be wearing it quite a bit. But it's a basic, serviceable sweater. I have gotten sidetracked by so many more fun projects and luxurious fibers. The cruise projects really put a detour in my knitting plans. At one time I had 12 works in progress! With the completion of this cardigan, I'm down to a much more manageable 7 WIPs. Three are socks, so they hardly 'count'. Two are lacey shawls which I plan to save for summer knitting. That leaves my 2 workshop projects. These will be my primary focus for the next few weeks. Then I really need to start yet another sweater. I promised my mom one more Sitcom chic for Mother's Day.

I feel more in control now. I reorganized the Yarn Cave, have my Knitting Studio and can now knit til my arms fall off.

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Caren said...

Your sweater looks great, and congrats on the effectiveness of your sleevelength corrections. I recently made a cables cardigan from Knitpicks merino style, and it came out very nicely. Pilled like the dickens though. Don't be afraid to be BRUTAL with the sweater shaver. After the second time of pilling and shaving, it looks great now and doesn't pill anymore.