Thursday, March 01, 2007

Las Vegas was fun as usual

For those of you who know us, we trek up to Las Vegas at least 6 times a year. At this point, we consider it our vacation home. We don't have a condo or time share, but are the biggest cheapskates. This last time we stayed downtown and got free hotel for 3 nights at the Plaza. Not the fanciest hotel, but the beds are comfy and the rooms clean. We enjoy the hustle and bustle of all the different people and activities. Each time we go, it's a different experience. We always go during the week, 'cause it's less expensive. I also look forward to the 6 hour drive since my DH prefers to drive and I get to knit both ways.

For the past several years we've gone for Valentine's Day and my DH's birthday in February. We count the number of brides and grooms from all walks of life and of all ages. One of the gifts DH got was a book on how to play video poker, our favorite. We studied up on the statistics on what to keep and discard. It's comforting to have a plan at least. We play the nickel machines. I told you we were cheap. We played until fatigue and sore arms made us rest. Although not big winners, I'm happy to report that 4 days of gambling to my heart's content only cost me $52. We'll see if that holds true when we go up next month since we are staying uptown and the machines are less generous than the ones downtown.

The main activity Vegas was preparing for this time was the NBA All-Star game the weekend after Valentine's Day. It was the first time it took place there and it was all the news programs reported on. They expected as many people as they get New Year's Eve. They went all out and even dressed up the Statue of Liberty at New York New York in an East jersey and MGM Lion in a West jersey.

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