Thursday, March 01, 2007

Knitting Studio

I decided to get pretentious. I knit, compute, and otherwise spend most of my at home hours in the downstairs bedroom that had been my mother in law's back when she lived with us. This bedroom and nearby bathroom are off the kitchen and are why we got this house back in 1991. It was where the kid's got to watch TV or use the computer. At that time, the kids called it the den. I had always done my sewing, knitting and TV watching in the evenings in the family room. But as one has gone off and gotten married and the other is about to graduate from college and is rarely home, I've taken over the den. It's got all kinds of built in shelves, cabinets and draws. I moved my favorite couch in here. Since it's a sleeper, this is the guest room on the rare occasions family ventures west. I've always tried to keep the closet at least half empty so guests would have somewhere to put their stuff.

But I've taken all clothing out and store my needles and works in progress in the closet. Surrounded by all my books and patterns, with many more patterns on the computer and my notions in covered baskets under the coffee table, I decided my corner of the universe should more aptly be dubbed my Knitting Studio. The computer also doubles as my music system, so I knit during the day listening to favorite tunes. At night it's TV. Life is good.

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