Friday, March 09, 2007

Distracted by fun sweater

I was doing so well catching up on those many works in progress.... When I was playing around with my stash and setting up the closet shelves, I added this pinwheel sweater to my "To Do" list. Although the pattern calls for a spiral of colors, I have 6 huge skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman wool I felt would be great for sweater to cuddle in.

It stepped up from idea to must do right now when I went to the LYS and there was a class in progress working this very same sweater. As I helped some people get started, I couldn't stand it. Got home and started this last Saturday. It looks almost done in the photo, but I'm probably less than halfway. It needs another 7 inches around the circle so it will close in the front, then the sleeves. The most time consuming task will be the twisted Icord edge around the entire circle.

I did manage to finish the rework/repair of these old Regia socks. I had made them back in Oct 2003 and they were my first pair made in real sock yarn. They never fit right and annoyed me everytime I wore them. I frogged them back to the cuff and reknit them. Since I had already used the leftover yarn in another pair of socks, I needed to add a contrasting yarn to the toes.

After much fun playing with my stash, here's the final storage display in my newly named Knitting Studio. I used shoe hanging shelves for my pretty fun lace, scarf and some sock yarns. The sweater shelves have my works in progress. The patterns and notions needed for each project are together in each space. The empty floor space below the shelves seemed wrong, so this underbed container contains some of my sock yarns. The Yarn Cave is also much more organized, but is still pretty full.

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