Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Cave

With the house to myself, I took all the yarn out of the Yarn Cave to fondle and reorganize.

The innocent looking hall closet
The jackets are just camouflage.
Empty except for the baskets of acrylics and some other craft stuff.
The stash in all its glory. I don't think it's that extensive, as I'm mostly project oriented. The big pile on the couch is all the Woolease for the Great American Aran Afghan. Then it's 3 bags of sock yarn, 2 bags of machine washable baby yarns, and the Cotton Ease collection. The baskets are acrylics deemed soft enough to keep after major destashing a few months back. One of the bags above the baskets is sport weight project leftovers and the other 100% wool worsted weight leftovers possibly for felting.

After putting everything back more efficiently, I'm left with this very dangerous situation. I've got lots of room for more.

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Terry & Jonesy said...

Whooo hoooo! Time to go shopping for more yarn!