Sunday, January 28, 2007

Retirement ain't for sissies

The cruise was outstanding! We had so much to do between the classes and all the ship's events and activities, I came home on Friday exhausted. But no rest. The next day was my birthday, so there were presents to open and new toys to play with. The family got together for Brunch on Sunday and more presents. Between the cruise, the shop, home and brunch I was sang to 4 times. I sure hope that doesn't mean I'm aging faster. I enjoyed the champagne, but had to settle down because I was teaching at the Bonita Knitting Store that afternoon.

Activities on the cruise included the Captain's dinner where we all got prettied up. That didn't last long, as we were scheduled for a pajama party. Here's our celebrity knitting instructor, Debbie Stoller of Stitch and Bitch fame. What a fun person and good teacher. She was at every knitting activity, taught all day Thursday, scuba'd in Catalina, rode a horse in Ensenada, then went clubbing onboard while some of us slept. Susan's in the red robe and Annie from Santa Fe is on the floor. This was in the ship's library and many of the ship's guests thought we were quite the show. Some wandered in despite the Private Party sign.

On Monday morning, I went to a make up session of my Knitting Workshop so I could get past a glitch at the beginning of my top down raglan. Then I had to interview a high school senior who's applying to Princeton. I also had folks sign up for private lessons both Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday, Bob and I took a Daytripper bus tour up to LA for a tour of the Federal Reserve. Under tight security, I got to see a BILLION dollars cash. Friday we got an early start again as we headed out to Torrey Pines for the Buick Invitational. Saw Tiger and we went out to dinner.

Yesterday, I taught the first Lace sampler class. Didn't get through nearly as much as I had hoped, but it went well. I had to rush from the store so we could make 7 pm dinner reservations with the daughter, her husband and in-laws who were in from Columbus for the weekend.

Today, I'm resting. My agenda for next week only has one more applicant interview and my regular Friday knitting workshop. I hope to make progress on my TWELVE works in progress!

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