Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The only knitting items I got for Christmas were Volumes 1 and 5 of the Harmony Knitting Guides. Now I have them all. Thanks married daughter! When my youngest was wondering what to get me, I was pushing a gift certificate to the LYS since with my employee discount, it would go a long way. But alas, she got me an MP3 player. The MP3 player is really good because I wanted a second one to have for just music. I download audio books from NetLibrary and listening to them works best when they are the only thing on the player. So the new one is for music to go walking and the old one is for novels to listen to while I'm knitting. I spent a good part of the week after Christmas listening to the unabridged version of The Other Boleyn Girl - all 23 hours of it.

Hubby got me the 60 GB portable hard drive and a new Palm. Although I have a back up external drive for my PC, I wanted one to take along on trips when we bring the laptop. We take LOTS of pictures when we travel and usually download them to the laptop at the end of the day. I'd feel a lot more comfortable also backing them up. I also loaded this hard drive with my favorite photos and all my knitting files, so even on the road I'll have my references. My Christmas scroll - the gift certificate my DH gives everyone every year - is a trip to Mesa Verde National Park. We'll go in the summer after the youngest graduates. Can you say, "Goodby tuition!"

Then there's the Palm. It took 2 days to get everything transferred and updated which included photos of the people in my address book so when I look them up, I can see their little faces. I'm such a geek. THEN I downloaded some games to preview. I liked 2 of them so much, I bought the full versions. So instead of knitting my huge 'to do' list, I'm literally playing with my new toy.

In my defense, it's basic socks we need and are not nearly as much fun to knit. I did finish these before the new year.

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