Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Knitter's Geek Code

I was reading the current Knitty's surprise articles and came across the Knitter's Geek Code.

Spent a fun half hour figuring out mine:

---Begin Knitter's Geek Code Block---
Version 1.1

KCmR+++$ Exp++(+++) SPM++(+++) Addi++ KPO++ Boye Syn Nov-- Cot++ Wool++ Lux Hemp? Stash +(++) Scale++(+++) Fin+ Ent? FI- Tex++ Lace+ Felt+ Flat Circ++ DPN+++ Swatch+ FO 80 in 06 GaugeF(W) KIP++ Blog+ SNB EZ+ ALTSwCr

---End Knitter's Geek Code Block---

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