Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cruise pix

Blogger was giving me fits, not allowing me to upload more photos. Here's the group on our last night. 4 cruisers missed the photo.

Mimi and I dressed up for the Captain's Dinner.

Every evening when the steward turned down my bed, he'd leave a towel toy. We all compared notes and it was different for all.

I helped out during one class and got this as a reward! Enough for a shawl or some other luscious thing. Here's all the loot from the goodie bag. This does not include the five project kits.

I convinced Kathy to trade some yarns like kids on Halloween working to upgrade the goodies. She took the purple mix skein so I could have enough to make a pair of socks with this superwash merino.

The crochet class produced this really cute scarf.


Barb said...

Those towel toys are a big deal. They even have a book you can buy. I have a few patterns for these--they fascinate me.

Anonymous said...

That is some great colored yarn you got there. Blue and green, nice sea-going colors.